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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having parenting issues? 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having arguments on parenting duties amidst the quarantine phase. Due to current ongoing extraordinary COVID-19 where everyone is spending time with the family members at their home, whether they are a celebrity or a common man.

And because of staying just home and doing everything on your own, the result is turning out to ugly. This extra time we’re spending together is not being fruitful but a “getting on nerves”, and this is exactly what is happening between Kim and Kanye!

There are reports which suggest that Us Weekly source revealed that in the ongoing quarantine days, Kim starts to get fed up with her husband, Kanye. He is neither a good husband, not a caring parent. It is also revealed by the source that “Kim and Kanye have been arguing a lot during the quarantine,” and was further added that “Kanye is really getting on Kim’s nerves.”

The sources also disclosed that Kanye West, an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur, was busy with the creation while Kim Kardashian feels that she has all the parenting duties.

The famous actress Kim Kardashian married Kanye West in Italy, May 2014. Currently, they have four kids whose names are North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. It has been disclosed by the source that Kim feels lonely, and her husband is not giving in any hand in taking care of the kids at home, nor does he ask how did the things go back at home.

It is not the first time when the famous couple hit a rough patch. It has happened previously also. In 2016, it was revealed by the close friends of a popular model that she “felt trapped” in her marriage “for a while.”

Kim was finally getting a break to be by herself at home and away from the daily chores. “It’s huge chaos with all the kids at home. Kanye escapes to his office for a work break,” a source complained. “He also let Kim have a break last week when he took some of the kids to Wyoming. They have been taking turns caring for the kids.”

Forbes has just declared Kanye West a billionaire. He is the owner of Yeezy, which is a sportswear brand. The couple took turns to look after their children. Kanye escaped to his office for a work break, and Kim having to visit Wyoming. Their plan backfired them as Kim was heavily criticized for taking a break from her kids and obeying the orders to stay at home amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

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