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Are Jennifer and Brad getting together again? 

In January 2005, Jennifer’s and Brad Pitt’s fans received shocking news about the separation of this potential couple who were in a relationship for seven years. Brad Pitt was rumoured for being in the connection with his Mr & Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. Even after that, the couple joined together after. But in 2005, the couple finally got divorced. And in an interview, Jennifer stated that it’s no one mistake and sometimes things happen. 

Brad and Jennifer’s relationship

The couple met each other in 1994. And from 1998 their relationship became a media sensation when they were spotted on a date. In 1999 they came together on the red carpet for the Emmy Awards. After a few months, the couple got engaged in a sting concert. On 29 July 2000, the couple got married without the media drama. And celebrated their marriage with the fireworks. In 2001, Brad starred in a guest role in FRIENDS. In 2004 Brad starred in Mr & Mrs Smith alongside Angelina Jolie. And this a spark created between Brad and Angelina. There were also rumours about them getting together. In 2005, Jennifer eventually revealed the news of the pair getting splitting. In 2005 October the couple were finally divorced. 

Reunion of Jennifer and Brad

Even after their separation, their fans always loved them. In 2020, the couple was spotted together at the 2020 SAG Awards. The couple has been seen to be sharing an embrace at the backstage of the show. And they have been seen to be  enjoying each other’s company. These scenes created many speculations about the couple getting back together. And the media also captured shots at the Golden Globes on 6 January of Jennifer encouraging Brad’s acceptance speech by clapping and smiling. And the couple also sat next to each other with Reese Witherspoon and Leonardo DiCaprio. In an event, Brad said to a reporter that Jennifer is a good friend to him. After that, the two left separately, after they went to the Golden Globes after-parties. Before this event, in 2019, the pair was spotted together at LA’s Sunset Tower Hotel for Jennifer’s 50th birthday, Brad gifted Jennifer a secret gift and they were also spotted hugging each other. In the last two year, the pair were spotted getting close to each other. Brad also went to Jennifer’s annual Christmas Tree Trimming Party in 2019. After that, the couple grew closer particularly after the separation of Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie. 



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