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Are Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston in Relationship Again?

If you are among many fans sending a Christmas love between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, you are sadly out of luck. The exes, who cried at her house at Jen’s holiday celebration have a wonderful connection. We have discovered the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood celebrity, 56, and The Morning Show celebrity, 50, are concentrated on building and keeping their friendship right now, after years old between these.

“Regardless of what folks would love to view, Brad and Jen are only friends,” a source tells HollywoodLife, entirely. “They have built their bond and revived their friendship much more than it had been the previous few decades now they’re both single,” the insider says, explaining,”They have realized what is important in life and because they shared so much love for each other it is such a wonderful thing for them both to have this sort of intimate friendship ”

The source goes on to describe why it has been a transition to friendship today. “They trust one another and love the fact they have somebody who has their own back, especially in Hollywood where hope and actual friends are at the very least,” the insider says, noting that they have been through a lot together and independently, which makes it simple to connect to one another.

Jen and brad, who married in July 2000, stunned Hollywood when they divorced in 2005. Brad had struck up a romance with his afterward co-star Angelina Jolie about the set of the intimate action thriller, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, where they played fans. However, things did not end happily ever after.

While Jen moved on and remarried, everything looked picture between Angelina and Brad. They traveled together purchased houses collectively, had children of their own and adopted more.

Following a dreadful custody battle, transactions and Brad and Angelina’s divorce were made confidential by the courts. Before stepping back out from the public eye 17, both celebrities laid low for a while. They ‘re and functioning in Hollywood on movies and jobs.

Brad has been really occupied with acting in movies, in and producing. In between his job, he has been popping up Jen, because his ex, and eyes have been on them. He attended her birthday celebration in LA back in February after which her holiday celebration at her Bel-Air house where he was among the last. However, they are just buddies.

Brad and Jen will return in the coming weeks since they have been nominated for awards in the 2020 Golden Globes along with also the 2020 SAG Awards.

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