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Aquaman 2, Will the game of thrones star replace Amber Heard?

The Warner bros are on the way on completing Aquaman’s second sequel. The fantasy movie is written by David Keslie and James Want is the official maker of this fantasy picture. The sequel for Aquaman was not announced so long after the first one as the first one had a great reach.

As the second part was declared, later there are many rumours that Amber Heard who played the role of Mers will be replaced. There are also many questions overcoming about that news. Is Amber Heard really being replaced? Will amber heard appear for the second sequel of Aquaman? Was she removed or detached herself from the upcoming movie? Read the below lines to know everything about this.

Will Amber heard appear for the Aquaman sequel

Amber Heard is having some personal issues with Johnny Depp and the fans are highly irritated after hearing this news. There are many requests in social media from the viewers to remove Amber Heard from the role of Mera in the second part of Aquaman. The current question is who can take the place of her role in Aquaman 2? But there is no authorized message about this case that she will be eliminated or renovated from her position in Aquaman 2.

Who will be possibly restoring Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

As the fans are determined to remove amber from her role Mera in Aquaman 2 then who will be replaced by her? So the fans have finally concluded that who will suit perfectly Ir can do better in as Mera. The crowd have decided that the game of thrones star ‘Emilia Clarke’ will take that place of Amber. Emilia played an excellent role of Daenerys Targaryen and made justice to it. So she will perfectly fit for the role Mera in Aquaman 2 and there no doubt that she will kill it. And the people think that she will overpower Amber as Mera. But at the present time, there is confirmation about the role change.

The rest of the roles will be reprised by the same. We will see ‘Yahya Abdul’ as David Kane, ‘Dolph Lundgren’ as Nereus, ‘Patrick Wilson’ as ocean master, ‘Willem Dafoe’ as Nuidis Vulko and ‘Nicole Kidman’ as Atlanna.

When will the sequel release? Aquaman 2

The second season of Aquaman will possibly show up on 16 December 2022.

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