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Aquaman 2: what’s known about the sequel?

Aquaman is a standalone movie from the DC characters. The film was made by the Warner Bros and was acquitted in theatres in 2018. Since the day this movie released it was massive hit and fans wanted a sequel 2.

And soon it was officially declared that the movie would get a sequel. DC fans are excited about the coming up movie. Will the same team return for the sequel? And what will it be about? Further lines are everything you should know about the second part.

The plot of Aquaman 2:

The final scenes of the first part of Aquaman were all about how David evaded from the clutch. And the strategies he formulated all the way to return to Atlantis to fulfil his wrath on Arthur. As Arthur’s kingdom is in the pledges of hazard, the second part may be roughly how he bails his kingdom and family utilizing all of his mighty abilities. As the king of Atlantis, he has many obligations to achieve. The makers may also encompass some new villains to make the plot fascinated, or the insane scientist Dr.stephen shin may play a vast role as he is in the hunt of the lost nation of Atlantis.

The cast of Aquaman 2:

 The sequel movie will be starring Jason who will be playing the role of the Aquaman, Dolph Lundgren who will be portrayed as Nereus, Yahya Abdu Mateen who will play as David Kane the black manta, Nicole Kidman will reprise the role of Atlanna, Patrick Wilson will play as Orm Marius the ocean master and Willem Dafoe will play as Nuidis Vulko. We are not certain that will Amber Heard retrieval in his position as Mera as there is some ongoing legal question in their personal life.

When can we expect it on air: Aquaman 2

As the world is facing a huge crisis, the production of this film is also postponed further long. And we have to wait with little more patience to get a sequel. The warner bris has set the launch date little ahead, which is very much. The second part of Aquaman will possibly hit the theatres on 16 December 2022. For more details, stay joined concurrently with us.

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