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Aquaman 2 Release date , Cast, Budget details are really shocking !


Hello DC fans out there, eagerly waiting for a sequel of Aquaman, here we have an update over Aquaman 2 . DC’s prestigious  project and a visual wonder of year 2018. James wan the director of the film was super excited to get roll over Aquaman and eagerly waiting to share us a good news about the film. At the end cards of Aquaman clearly stated that  there is going to be the sequel but in this film it shows the before story or before the birth of Aquaman.

How things changed between the people of land and water why rivalry happened what can be done is shown in this portion.

DC has released some of its projects teasers last  week in Youtube and audience loved those teasers and line up was soo big and Aquaman was also part of it.

But due to Visual work DC postponed the release of Aquaman in the list we may expect it in couple of weeks.


Inside news says that  there will be 3rd part too how Aquaman joins with the DC superheroes . This part is going to be a kickass as we can see all our DC stars in one movie.

Main Cast:

  1.  Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  2. Amber Heard as Meera
  3. Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius / Ocean Master
  4. Dolph Lundgren as King Nereus 
  5. Nicole Kidman as Atlanna
  6. Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry

Plot: In 1st part  Arthur has got to know his powers and became the Ocean master.  In the sequel we can expect the previous story of Aquaman what happened to the city Atlantis how 7 kingdoms are formed and why they need ocean master. This is the point to be shown in the sequel. Mera is in love with Arthur. They love each other but she was kidnaped by the Black Manta and tortured. Underwater fights and beautiful Atlantis is seen and can expect a spell bound performance from Arthur is seen.


Aquaman killed BlackManta father in submarine. BlackManta targeted him and then the story revolves around the both strongmen. BackManta is a pirate with his new technology and new innovations robbed ships and troubling the people. Meera was kidnaped in the prison of Manta and being tortured by the Pirates Arthur gets the information and search operation begins this thing was a bit frustrated for the People of Atlantis.

Atlantis and 7 kingdoms are separated by the King Nersus  and he became the king of Atlantis. All these  problems are surrounded  and he was frustrated. Atlaana came to rescue him and she united all the kingdoms and there will be a fight

Meera is seen in the climax of the film. We can expect some new characters too this time. Star cast was huge and producers are not compromising in the budget. More of the budget is given to the visual effects. Hired some top technicians for the visuals and stunts.


Trailer and Teaser Release :

Aquaman 2 teaser must be released with Wonder Woman , Batman due to the post production works, visual effects and Sound design it is getting late but it is worth wait for the visual wonder . Soon it is going to drop in YouTube. As COVID-19 pandemic is around the world. Makers are planning to release some posters for the fans and a Pre- teaser for the sake of fans. Brace yourself for the blast of Aquaman in a couple of weeks.

Film Release: In December, 2021 we get to see Aquaman in 3D-Imax with 4D-Audio it gives a new experience and some parts of US has a VR setup so that they are going to experince this magic. In India it is going to release in 3d and in some regional languages .

That’s all for now about Aquaman. Stay tuned to us for more filmy updates. Stay safe and stay hydrated

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