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Apres-ski : A mini guide ! meaning, start and end time ! cloths to wear !

Apres-ski is a french term from1950s which means “after skiing”. It is the social activity after the days skiing. It usually starts in the afternoon and drinks in slopeside chalets or bars in town are included. Dancing outside in the snow or in the tables and chairs to live or recorded music. It is often done in skiing clothes. Some say it goes till dinner time and some say it lasts till bedtime.

A ski resort is a resort developed for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sport. The resorts are adjacent to the ski area. They are located away from towns.

Start And EndTime Of Apres-ski –

Apres-ski starts the moment one finishes the skiing for the day which means some part late in the afternoon. Some people take off from skiing for the rest of the day and they do a party at restaurants. They do dancing in the snow. They sit in the sun and enjoy their alcohol.

The end time of Apres-ski is a matter of debate. It completely depends upon the place one is staying. Some argue that it last until dinner. While some argue it all the time after a day of skiing.

Clothes to Wear in Apres-ski –

There isn’t any dress code. During dinner time also people can be seen wearing goggles and ski boots while some change to a party dress.  The people who do afternoon skiing will mostly be in skiing dress. No one cares about the look. Whatever one likes can wear.

Rules for Apres-ski –

  • Live music is the best Apres-ski party. It can be a local favourite band rocking or solo pianist jazzing.
  • One should follow a local to find the most happening spots on a ski getaway. One should have a conversation with a local.
  • One should get the best drinks from the bar.
  • Comfortable shoes, and sunglasses one must bring with them.
  • Remember the way to ski down.





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