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Apple working on a Foldable Tablet with 20-inch screen

Apple’s future MacBook has been the subject of recent rumours, primarily that it would feature one giant foldable screen, similar to the speculated foldable iPhone, which has been postponed until 2025. We now have further information on some of the MacBook’s rumoured features according to the grapevine.

 Apple is working on a foldable tablet with a 20-inch screen, according to a fresh analyst report published earlier this week by 9to5Mac. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman doubles down on the potential foldable MacBook/iPad in his Power On newsletter.

 Ross Young, a DSCC analyst, was the first to make the disclosure. Apple is in talks with suppliers about this category, according to Young, and while a device is still a few years away, the company is interested in a 20-inch foldable of some form.

 It would have a touchscreen keyboard while folded, and when put flat, it would become a full-screen monitor with an external keyboard connected. It’s probable that this next MacBook will have a resolution of UHD/4K or even higher.

 “One side of the display will serve as a virtual keyboard,” according to Apple, which will “replace the hardware keyboard and trackpad with a totally touch-screen base.”

 The device’s launching date is estimated to be in the years 2026 or 2027. Of course, this report should be treated with caution, since there is a significant difference between investigating a potential new project and actually pursuing it. Particularly since foldable gadgets are a very new and specialised sector that has yet to gain traction.

 Lenovo has already done something similar with its ThinkPad X1 Fold. It has a 13-inch display that folds down in the middle to transform into a touchscreen laptop. Lenovo, on the other hand, has yet to master the technology. With a rumoured release date as distant as 2026, Apple has plenty of time to get everything right.

 As of currently, the iPhone maker is expected to introduce this new product in 2026, which coincides with the release date of its first foldable smartphone. Apple’s AR glasses, mixed reality headset, and even the much-anticipated Apple Car will all be released around the same time. If that’s the case, Apple might debut a game-changing device in 2026. What a year 2026 might be, don’t you think?

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