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Apple shares the stats for the ‘App Store’ celebrating its tenth anniversary

Apple shares the stats for the 'App Store' celebrating its tenth anniversary

On July 10, 2018 (Tuesday), Apple will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the App Store. The App Store was introduced back on July 10, 2008, with only 500 apps like Travelocity, The New York Times, and others. In a decade, Apple’s App Store has reached many milestones over the years and received a huge response from a user that wasn’t expected in the first place. According to Phil Schiller, Apple SVP of Worldwide marketing who published a press release from Apple, the App Store allowed developers from large AAA studios to a single-person development team to design and develop apps on the store with an exposure of around 1 billion users as of now.

According to Phil, Apple has always emphasized user privacy which is at the paramount in the Apple ecosystem right from the beginning till date. The officials from Apple provide clear guidelines to developers on how to create and distribute safe and trusted apps on the App Store thus, protecting user privacy. Thanks to the Apple’s vertical integration strategy, the premium brand has always ensured continuous hardware and software updates for all its Apple produce thus challenging the developers to create more efficient and ever-evolving iOS Apps.

Apple has evolved from its first generation of iOS to iOS 11 which is available for all the iPhones while iOS 12 is expected to release in the fall this year. On the hardware end, its A-series chips have provided the devices with a powerful framework that makes it easier for developers to create high-graphic and quality apps. One of the most popular categories of apps on iOS are the games which have totally outrun other categories revealing the true potential of the platform for both developers and users.

Now, games on iOS are getting more closer to the games played on the desktop with console-level graphics. With a user base on more than 1 billion customers, games like Q, Pokemon Go, Heads Up!, Fortnite has delivered an unappalled gaming experience. Further, Apple introduced the in-app purchase (IAP) in 2009 that allows the customers to install apps and games and try it out before unlocking few functionalities and levels by paying the disclosed amount although there is no compulsion. By June 10, Apple paid more than $1 billion to the developers for all the paid apps and IAP.

According to the stats, Apple started the subscription apps on App Store in 2011 and by 2016, these subscription apps were available for all 25 categories on App Store including Fitness, Health, Games, and others. Apps like Netflix, Sing! By Smule, Tinder, iQiYi, Dropbox and other 28,000 subscription apps have made it easier for the customers to subscribe and unsubscribe at will. The amount paid via subscriptions has outrun last year’s revenue by 95% and as of June 2018, the revenue figure generated by these subscription apps have exceeded $100 billion.

The App Store on iPad has its own share of success with more than 1.3 million apps available on App Store designed specifically for iPad that allows the users to make their strike. One such category available for iPads in Education using which, millions of people can get educated while the developers strike to perfect their apps in an ever-evolving infrastructure. Back in 2016, Apple introduced its Everyone Can Code program under which, users can learn, writing and teach code thus allowing them to create their own apps by learning codes and the problem-solving skills required.

One of the major categories on App Store is fitness and Apple. Apple has introduced its CareKit and Research Kit tools for doctors and medical researchers that helps patients with physical therapy, autism, Parkinson’s diseases and other sorts of medical procedures. Apple Watch which is a wearable gear has proven its caliber and prowess in living a healthy life with integrations from HealthKit and much more.

Apple will soon release the iOS 12 version officially while its macOS Mojave update for Mac will be released this fall. Apple is also working on an ambitious project i.e. Augmented Reality which is still in its infancy stage, however, the premium brand has touted to introduce AR on App Store to enrich user experience.

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