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Apple has a five-point plan to woo Indian customers

Apple has a five-point plan to woo Indian customers

Apple’s sales in India are stumping and it is a well-documented fact. Being one of the best smartphone makers with great design and functionalities, Apple still contributes a tiny portion of Indian smartphone market accounting for only 25 iPhones of every 1,000 smartphones. India is the second largest smartphone market for Apple as it recently overtook the U.S. in terms of sales, however, there is a number of struggles and challenges that the premium tech brand will have to tackle. Apple has drafted a five-point plan that if it implements, could elevate the fan following and sales figures in India.

Pricing is the biggest issue in India as even the cheapest iPhone SE in India cost around $300 while an average Indian customer spends around $150 for a smartphone at which, they can buy entry-level phones from Xiaomi, Oppo, and other brands. Moreover, Indian wholesalers and retailers are known to fluctuate their prices every day which means customers can wait for a longer duration to get the best deal.

But with the latest five-point plan, Apple might implement daily discounts and cashback offers to lure Indian customers. It will train the staff members who will teach customers how to use iPhones. The staff will be trained to approach customers more aggressive and Apple might cut off supplies to those retailers clocking below the targets in an attempt to increase iPhone recommendations. Further, Apple will overhaul the in-store displays and branding which could lure more potential customers and converts.

Moving further, Apple will introduce three Apple Stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru, something which the Cupertino giant has been longing to do for years, however, with stringent rules and regulations imposed by Indian government asking companies to have at least 30% of the products manufactured in the country in order to gain access to stores. Apple is already churning out new iPhone SE and iPhone 6S in India which could help it achieve its goal to establish stores in India. This will also help lower the cost of an iPhone unit since those iPhones that aren’t manufactured in India attract a 20 percent import tax which elevates its retail cost in India.

There are a series of complaints and queries that Apple will have to resolve if indeed it wants to establish a strong foothold in India. Many iPhone users have claimed that Siri doesn’t work with local languages. Further, the Apple Maps are incapable of providing turn-by-turn directions and guidance on Indian roads which is something Google Maps have mastered while Amazon and Facebook have made their significant contributions too. People want Apple Pay support in India which is something Apple is already working on to increase its usage in India.

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