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Apple and Google joining hands-on COVID-19 contact tracing technology

The way the toxic coronavirus pandemic is spreading, everyone is dismayed and in such critical condition, governments and health authorities around the world are working together in unity to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, protect lives, and get society back up and running well. Software developers are also helping to battle this virus and save lives by designing innovative technology tools.

Apple Inc. and Google have announced an unusual and surprising collaboration to bring technology to their mobile apps, which alerts users if they come into contact with a COVID-19 person. People have to opt into the system, but it has the ability to track around one-third of the world population.

The technology, known as contact-tracing, is designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus by telling users they should quarantine or isolate themselves after contact with an infected individual.

There are reports which suggest that the rival Silicon Valley stated in their statement that they are building the technology in two steps into iOS and Android operating systems.
Reportedly, by the mid of May, the firms will introduce a new feature, i.e. the ability for iPhones and Android phones to share confidential information wirelessly via public health authorities-run applications.The enterprises will also release applications to manage the software for public health devices.

The second step will take a while as in the coming months, both Apple and Google will add the technology directly into their operating systems, so this contact-tracing software works without installing an app. Users must go in and opt for this approach which means many people can be included. Though Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have about 3 billion users which means one-third of the world’s population.

Such a close partnership between these two longtime competitors is exceptionally unusual.
The competitive spirit between these two technology giants is for years in the mobile operating systems, app stores, media networks, and voice-recognition technology — while barbing over the privacy of each other’s platforms. Nevertheless, both corporations were under pressure to use their dignified and prodigious resources to help combat the monstrous pandemic.

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