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Another poster of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is out

One of the most anticipated Christopher Nolan’ s directorial Tenet has two new posters, and release dates have also been announced, and Hollywood actor John David Washington is featured in the latest posters of Tenet. And these posters are giving fans a double dose of Hollywood actor John David Washington.

In the new posters of Tenet, Hollywood star, John David Washington is looking damn handsome in a dapper suit and holding a gun in his hand. Even the new poster looks fascinating and compliments the previously released film trailer. Everyone who called it a step ahead of Nolan’s Inception has been excited ever since the film trailer was released.

On the Tenet official Twitter account, a new poster has been released with a caption that read, “Time runs out. New art for #TENET only in theatres Wednesday, August 12.”

Many renowned Hollywood celebs are featured in the Nolan’s Tenet, which includes Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, in key roles. Apart from that, Bollywood actor Dimple Kapadia will also be part of this film as the actor will play a pivotal role in the movie.

Tenet is creating waves across the globe. The makers of the Christopher Nolan project can have the protagonists of the film seeking to avoid a battle, as the antagonists seek a catastrophe worldwide.

The release date of the film has been changed many times by the filmmakers. Earlier, it was scheduled to release in July, but now, according to the recent announcement, Tenet will be out on August 12. So, the fans and film audiences who have this film for a long will now have to wait a bit longer.

The trailer of Christopher Nolan’s directorial, has left a huge impact on viewers’ minds and immensely impressed the fans. The sleek stunts and jaw-dropping action scenes have made the fans guess the plot of the movie. The viewers look forward to seeing what the movie has to bring to the public.

The fans have been waiting for the film to hit the big screen with anticipation. But, because of the lethal spread of the novel Coronavirus, strict lockdowns have been imposed by many countries across the world. The film industry in the world is dramatically affected by shutting all theaters and halting the film.

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