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Anne Meara: Ben Stiller’s mother and All You Need To Know

Anne Meaa Net Worth

Anne Meara was a popular actress and comedian of America. She was a part of a famous comedy team, Stiller and Meara, and her husband, Jerry Stiller. She has also featured on television, on stage, and later on, in her career, she became a playwright.

Early Years

Anne Meara Stiller was born on 20 September 1929. She was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother, Mary, was a housewife, and her father, Edward Joseph Meara, was a corporate lawyer. Her family was of Irish descent. Anne’s mother died by suicide when she was 11 years old. When Anne was 18, she studied acting for a year at The New School and HB Studio. A year after that, she started her career as an actress in Summer Stock.


Anne started doing comedy with her husband, Jerry Stiller. She didn’t even think of doing comedy until she met him. Anne met Jerry in 1953, and they started their comedy scene by 1955. They started performance comedy gigs in nightclubs in New York in 1961. By the end of 1961, they became a national sensation. After some years of polishing their skills, they started doing The Ed Sullivan Show. They gave 36 appearances in that show and became regulars. However, they put a stop to their acts as their marriage was being affected. Jerry also said that he would’ve lost Anne as her wife if the action continued for much longer. In 1975, she started her series, in which she also starred as the lead actress. After that, she did many TV shows and movies. In 1995, Anne wrote the comedy After Play, which later became a off-Broadway production.

Personal Life

Anne Meara was Catholic, but she converted to Judaism after marrying Stiller. She also studied Judaism intensely. Anne married Stiller in 1954. They had two children Amy in 1961 and Ben, in 1965. Ben Stiller is a very popular actor and producer. Anne died on 23 May 2015 at the age of 85 in Manhattan as she suffered multiple strokes.

Achievements Of Anne Meara 

Anne was a renowned actress, writer, and comedian. She was nominated for four Emmy Awards and a Tony Award. Anne won a Writers Guild Award in 1984 as a co-writer for the movie The Other Woman.

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Net Worth of Anne Meara

Anne Meara had a net worth of approximately $12.7 million. The central part of their net worth is from her career as a comedian and an actress. She has been featured in some major movies like Night at the Museum and Sex and the City.

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