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Animal Kingdom Season 5 – Here’s What We Know About The Expected Release Date.

One of Netflix’s most popular crime-thriller, Animal Kingdom, is finally coming up with its fifth sequel. Adapted from David Michod’s Australian film of the same name, this series has attracted a lot of audience with its unique plot. The series was initially premiered on 14 June, 2016 on the TNT network. Later on, Netflix became an equal distributor of the series. It has been critically acclaimed because of its cinematography and scripting and has got a viewership of over 40 million.

The plot revolves around the Cody family, where a teenager named Joshua shifts in with his family, who had been long driven away, after his mother’s demise. Things start getting complicated after he discovers the dark secrets of his family and gets entangled into it, and as time passes by, he becomes a major part of it.

Has The Series Been Renewed For The Upcoming Season?

The series has been renewed for the upcoming fifth season on July 24th 2019. The production of the series was supposed to begin in April 2020, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, all the releases and production had to be put on hold since March 2020. But according to some inside sources, it has been confirmed that the production would be beginning from mid-September 2020. However, nothing much can be confirmed unless any official sources release a statement.

Is There An Expected Release Date Revealed By The Makers?

Nothing has been announced regarding the release date of fifth season. The fourth season aired on May 28th 2019. So if the previous release schedule is to be followed, then the fifth season is supposed to drop in the summer of 2021. Earlier some speculations were made about the upcoming season to drop by the end of 2020, but later it was discovered that the production process was put on hold for past few months. It is being expected that Season 5 would be dropping either in the summer of 2021 or mid-2021, only if the production begins by the end of this year and gets wrapped up by early 2021.

Has The Official Trailer Been Released For Season 5?

No trailers have been released by any of the official sources until now. In 2019, a trailer was out by the makers, that revealed that the fifth season would be out soon by mid-2020. But due to Coronavirus, the release got delayed. So in order to catch a glimpse of the upcoming season, we need to wait until early 2021. We hope to get further updates soon and until then, stay tuned!

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