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Animal Crossing: What are the prices of the fish in the game?

Animal Crossing is a social simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo, and the game is created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. The game series was appreciated and praised all across the world by the players, and critics for its notable open-ended gameplay, calendar to simulate the time in real, and extensive use of the video game consoles’ internal clock.

In the game, Animal Crossing the player has to get in the role of a human being who resides in a village that is inhabited by a plethora of anthropomorphic animals who carry out various activities such as fishing, dancing, singing, bug catching, and fossil hunting.

Animal Crossing

In the fifth series of Animal Crossing, namely Animal Crossing: New Horizon which is a life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch which was released in March 2020. The New Horizon has a wide collection of new fishes, and now is the chance for the players to get their rods and find the best aquatic animal of Animal Crossing: New Horizon from sharks to eels everything you will get with certain prices on them, so, you know which one to buy for yourself.

Animal Crossing

The fish in Animal Crossing appears like a shadow in the water in different places which include the sea around the island, in rivers, in lakes, and in ponds. Some fishes are only found in lakes while others only in rivers.

How to catch fishes in Animal Crossing: New Horizon?

To  catch a fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, it is pretty simple all you have to do is craft a fishing rod, equip it near the edge of a pond or lake, and cast it out near the outline of the fish. When the water starts nibbling that’s when you know you got a fish, press A button to lure the fish in.

Here is the list of fishes available in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

  • Bitterling- 900 Bells
  • Pale Chub-200 Bells
  • Crurcian Carp-160 Bells
  • Dace-240 Bells
  • Carp-300 Bells
  • Koi-4000 Bells
  • Goldfish-1300 Bells
  • Killifish-300 Bells
  • Crawfish-200 Bells
  • Loach-800 Bells
  • Catfish-800 Bells
  • Yellow Perch-300 Bells
  • Pike-1800 Bells
  • Nibble fish-1800 Bells
  • Angel Fish-300 Bells
  • Tuna-7000 Bells

Prioritize the price and choose the fish on your island accordingly.

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