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Animal Crossing Villagers : New update this Halloween

Animal Crossing: New Horizons got global recognition in just two months of the release. It released on March 20, 2020. There have been different versions in the month of April, June, and September. October will also see a new version.

Brief About Animal Crossing Villagers –

The players liked the out of the box gameplay along with a number of different customization options. A huge number of characters have been given to players. The players can play with 4000 villagers. Each of the characters belongs to a particular Tier. Villagers are separated according to their Tier.

The best part of Animal Crossing is having an island filled with endearing villagers for a player to befriend. There are 8 personality types and 35 animal species. There are lots of options for the players to choose from. Few players even spend many hours hopping from one mystery island to another till they find their perfect dream village.

The Complete List Of Tiers  –

  • Tier A – Extremely popular villagers
  • Tier B – Great villagers
  • Tier C – Above average villagers
  • Tier D – Below average villagers
  • Tier E – Bad Villagers

New Update For October Animal Crossing Villagers-

  • Gardening is the new feature in the game added. It revolves around the pumpkin as of now but other vegetables might be added later. With pumpkin grown DIY recipes and Jack-O-Lanterns for the Halloween decorations can be created.
  • The players can prepare through the month for Halloween which is on 31st October.
  • Players will also try to keep candy stock.
  • New costume pieces can be brought from Able Sisters and face paint and contact lenses from Nook Miles.
  • Jack will visit the players on the event day. Jack is the pumpkin wearing Czar of Halloween.
  • From 5 pm to 12 am on Halloween night all the villagers will be dressed up in their costume and will go around asking for candies.
  • The players will get a free Ring-Con from Ring Fit adventure in the mail after the update. A Nook links can be used to access all off collected reactions at once.

Many more surprises are there but for that audience will have to wait.

Trailer Animal Crossing Villagers –

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