Android 9 Pie statue unveils at Google' Mountain View campus

Android 9 Pie statue unveils at Google’ Mountain View campus

Finally, Google unveils the Android 9 Pie earlier today although the statue dictating its official release was not seen anywhere. And yes, Google named the ninth iteration of Android Operating system which has been in question for a few months now, as Android 9 Pie and its status was later inaugurated at the Google’s Mountain View campus where one could find statues of all the Android versions up till Android Pie. But most of the people weren’t excited about the new statue.

Google unveils a statue for its all Android OS versions and similarly, it did with Android 9 Pie at 3:14 PT. The statue is the same green-colored ‘bugdroid’ that everyone has already seen with the previous iteration alongside pie on the left and a slice of pie on the right. Well, the inside of the pie definitely doesn’t look anything like Pie, claims Android Police, in fact, it resembles pomegranate.