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American Horror Story Season 9 Filming Is Now Complete

Creators of the ninth instalment of American Horror Story have confirmed that they have completed the filming.

If recent reports are believed to be true, it seems like fans will no longer have to wait for too long for the ninth instalment of American Horror Story to come out. Just as when we thought that we don’t have anything interesting to look for in the near future, this news comes out. There is nothing better than the feeling of realising that the next season of our beloved horror Netflix is finally going to make its come back. There are probably a lot of questions surrounding your mind right now. For example, do we know when the season is going to air? Is the ninth season of the American Horror Story also face delay over the Coronavirus situation. There is a lot of curiosity for sure and let’s quench the thirst of knowledge. You will have all the details of American Horror Story’s ninth season below.

A little background on American Horror Story

The ninth season of American Horror Story, which is believed to be titled, ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ is going to be produced by FX. This popular anthology horror series has another producer, who goes by the name of Ryan Murphy.

As can be recalled, the latest season revolves around a story wherein the viewers are taken back during the time of 1984. The series will end up paying homage to the classic slasher time. This vibe is similar to the time when ‘Friday the 13th’ was tailing. It takes you back during the time when the summers of 1984 were dark and daunting. This story revolves around the lives of five friends who had been heading from the state of Los Angeles to Camp Redwood. They were doing so to complete their work as counsellors, as they were popularly called. Meanwhile, we were also shown that the Redwood continues to cause massacre as we go by.

With the upcoming season, we are also certain of the fact that Evan Peters won’t be a part of it. The ninth season although, will witness the return of Sarah Paulson. It certainly is a great news that Sarah Paulson makes a comeback. However, it remains certain that she will be playing a minor role, not such a major role.

American Horror Story Season 9 Release Date

American Horror Story is expected to make a return soon because the producers, FX have confirmed that they have completed their filming. However, we don’t know as yet whether the current Coronavirus situation will impact what is being mentioned as being completed.

Typically, the online streaming platform will release their latest season in the month of September. Based on their past behaviour, they have generally released the show during the September.

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