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Amanda Seyfried bashes Arielle Charnas on social media

Arielle Charnas is a famous fashion blogger, Instagram celebrity and influencer, and she is more likely in trouble. Recently, Charnas shared a picture which showcases her in a two-piece bikini. Moreover, Charnas also put a caption on the image by saying that she is proud of her body after giving birth to a couple of kids.

In the meantime, Amanda Seyfried calls that picture as a controversial picture as it gives out unrealistic promotional expectations. As of now, the image has more than 4,000 comments, alongside 50,000 likes. On the other hand, more than one million people are currently following the fashion enthusiasts.

Amanda Seyfried lashed out on social media

After getting a glimpse of the post, Sophie Flack, the friend of Amanda Seyfried, said that Charnas did not get slim as she features a blessed body. Instead, it is her privilege, which made it possible for her to have a great body. Flack also said that Charnas is exceptionally wealthy. She also has the opportunity to get a good body. It was easier to bounce back to a petite body after pregnancy due to wealth and resources.

Flack also said that the picture doesn’t depict the reality of most of the women around the world. According to Flack, most women do not even have ample resources to afford proper childcare.

Charnas did not like the hateful comments

After reading the comments of Sophie Flack and Amanda Seyfried, Charnas immediately did block Seyfriend and Flack. Charnas pulled off this mood to save her dignity after doing something terrible.

Moreover, Charnas also said that the comments with hate are not going to bully her. On top of that, Charnas also wrote, she doesn’t have the luxury to listen to the bullying of Flack-Seyfried. Charnas has a nanny who takes care of her family as she is primarily a working woman.

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