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Altered Carbon is Unlikely to be Renewed for Season 3, Here’s Why

Altered Carbon

Set in a future 300 years from now, a time in which immortality has been made possible by the use of ‘stacks’, Altered Carbon is a neo-noir TV drama that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time you’re watching it. With a highly successful first season and a not-so-bad second season clearly setting up a third, viewers have left wondering when the third season will come out, that is if it ever does.

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Will Altered Carbon have Season 3?


In the final seconds of the last episode of season 2, we find out that our hero Takeshi Kovacs might not be dead after all, and there might be a way to bring him back. With an ending like this, one might think it to be evident for Netflix to make a third season to continue the story. Still, the streaming services giant has a reputation for cancelling shows after a season or two unless they are absolute hits. But does Altered Carbon fit this description? The show’s first season was undoubtedly a significant success, receiving positive reviews from critics and fans alike. With superb locations on distant planets and thrilling action sequences complementing a well-written plotline, there was not much to dislike.

 Season 2, however, failed to meet its expectations. While not to be considered bad, it felt like something was absent, the world seemed smaller, more unreal. Fans still enjoyed it, but it somehow failed to recreate the flair of the first season. 

A possible reason for this might be a low budget, which might also be the reason Altered Carbon Season 3 might never come out. Altered Carbons production has cost Netflix more than most of its other series, and the third season might cost a hell of a lot more. Honestly, we are not sure if Netflix is willing to shell out that kind of cash for the show, even season 2 had only eight episodes compared to 10 episodes in season 1, and each episode was shorter in length too. Thus, things aren’t looking suitable for Altered Carbon fans since it seems season 3 might never enter production at all, or even if it does, not anytime soon.


Will Yun Lee – Takeshi Kovacs (The Original)

Joel Kinnaman – Takeshi Kovacs (Season 1)

Anthony Mackie – Takeshi Kovacs (Season 2)

Chris Conner – Poe

Renee Elise Goldsberry – Quellcrist Falconer

Lela Loren – Danica Harlan

Simone Missick – Trepp

Torben Liebrecht – Jaeger


Altered Carbon is a Netflix Original TV show and can be streamed on Netflix only.

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