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All You Need To Know About Netflix Rom-Com, Lovebirds

The latest romantic comedy is expected to release on Netflix in May 2020.

We have a new romantic comedy original to look forward to on Netflix. The upcoming movie called, ‘The Lovebirds,’ features Kumail Nanjani and Issa Rae. This is an exciting combination to look forward to, as we are already aware of both of their comic timings and how they ace at it.

Lovebirds: All You Need To Know In A Snap

The upcoming movie is written by none other than, Aaron Abrams along with the help of Brendan Gill. The movie is directed by Michael Showalter. As far as the production is concerned, while Netflix is providing its undying support, it is also Paramount Pictures, who had original plans to launch the movie but wasn’t able to. It seems like they were facing the delay over the current Coronavirus situation. They were expected to release the movie on April 3rd, 2020. However, the feature faced delay and it seems like they have decided to go ahead with the Netflix launch date. It is not a total loss for the movie if Netflix has decided to acquire it.

Lovebirds Netflix Release Date

The Lovebirds is expected to launch on Netflix on May 22nd 2020. Further to releasing it in the theatres, Paramount Pictures had also planned on launching the movie at the South By South West film festival. However the same was cancelled due to the current Coronavirus situation.

What’s the plot for The Lovebirds?

The story is quite simplistic. There isn’t a lot of thinking involved as it is a murder mystery (yes, that’s definitely rhetorical). The plotline revolves around the lives of Jibran and Leilani who come to a critical cross-roads, as a result of dating each other. During the journey, it is quite evident that they are looking towards clearing their names as soon as possible. They are undergoing extreme emotions and due to their character’s comic elements, there’s a lot of comedy involved as well. While this is taking place, the couple also have to put in an equal effort into figuring out on how exactly they will be able to survive in their relationship while they struggle with stress in the outside world.

Lovebirds: Cast members details revealed!

We have the following members in the main cast of Lovebirds:

  • Kumail Nanjani is expected to play the role of Jibran. He is known for movies like Stuber and The Big Sick
  • Issa Rae to play the role of Leilani. She is known for her roles in Little and Insecure.
  • Kyle Bornheimer is expected to play the role of Brett.
  • Andrene Ward-Hammon to play the role of Officer Martin.
  • Kelly Murtagh to play the role of Evonne.
  • Moses Storm to play the role of Steve.

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