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All you need to know about Netflix new reality show ”Too Hot To Handle Season 2”

Too Hot To Handle is the most trending reality dating show which has been released by Netflix amid lockdown.

Talk of the town show, Too Hot To Handle is making headlines. This is also one of the top 10 shows on Netflix that is getting immense love from the viewers.  The most popular streaming site Netflix released this most astonishing dating reality show on April 17, 2020.

The brand new Netflix series Too Hot To Handle shows  14 singletons that have been dumped into a Mexico luxury resort.

On this most amusing dating show, individuals are tested to see whether they can build meaningful bonds without being physical.  The series has recently been released on Netflix, but almost one year earlier, the filming was completed.

Besides this,  a group of singletons has also been placed to check on several instances as well. The contestants have been prohibited from kissing or any sexual contact, and if they break the rules, they may lose tens of thousands of pounds.

Rules of Too Hot To Handle Season 2

The winner of the show will get the $100K (£79K) grand prize which will deduct when participants indulge in some kind of sex. Have a close look at the penalties of “Too Hot To Handle” ” Pairs Face.

Sex – $20K (£16K)

Oral sex – $6K (£4.8K)

Kissing – $3K (£2.4K)

While there are very rigid rules, couples can hug and they can even share a bed when no funny business happens.

Apart from this, Contestants were given special watches. If a couple of gains a ”special connection” on a deeper level, then they were given a ”green light” to have free range to do whatever they want until the watch went neutral again.

It has been recently revealed by the Executive producers Viki Kolar and Jonno Richards that how they decided the fines on every activity of Contestants.

Jonno said in a statement that: “There was these sort of long discussions to work out what was the right amount to be a penalty when they got it, but people could still work with that, it wasn’t like there was a bar tab up on the wall saying, ”this is what x costs, this is what y costs”.”

Additionally, Viki also revealed that “We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn’t want to be too much about the money.”

How much money did the contestants lose?

The applicants initially had a total of £91,000 ($100,000), but because several of them were unable to control themselves, the overall sum decreased gradually.

Ultimately, the prize fund was about £45,000 ($50,000), which means that they have lost half of their winnings.

However, despite the breach of all the rules, this was not the final amount.

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