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Successful story of Actor Brian Austin Green, and how he became the richest star ?

Brian Austin Green net worth

The net worth of Brian Austin Green:

Brian Austin Green’s net worth is $8 million. Brian is an American actor and is popularly known for his character as David Silver in the long-running television series called Beverly Hills, 90210. Furthermore, Brian Green has earned a huge range of other notable television excellence over the years. He is also well-known for his on-and-off affair with actress Megan Fox.

Early Life of Brian Austin Green:

Brian Austin Green was born in Los Angeles, California on 15th July 1973. George Green is a country musician and he is Green’s father. Brian Austin attended high school in North Hollywood and later went on to study at the Hamilton High School Academy of Music. Subsequently, when Brian Green became an actor, he put in the middle name ‘Austin’ in order to ascertain himself apart from another artist with the indistinguishable same name.

Brian Austin Green’s career:

Brian Austin Green had secured his first major role on the soap opera called Knots Landing, at the age of 13. The show went on for 1989 and he spent three years on this show. During this time he had also managed time to appear on shows like Miss Bliss and Good Morning.

Brian Austin Green’s real estate:

Megan Fox and Brian Green together bought a house within the Los Feliz, area of LA for $2.95 million, in 2009. They later sold this house for $3.75 million in 2014. In 2016, as a part of their decoupling process, Megan Fox and Brian began selling some of their real estate investments that they jointly owned. They also sold one of their Los Angeles houses for $2.6 million and another one for $1.299 million.

Subsequently, in the year 2016 when Brian and Megan had reconciled, they jointly spent $3.3 million on a new 2-acre estate in Malibu. Brad Pitt’s manager Cynthia Pett-Dante was the seller.

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