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Alita Battle Angel 2 updates, When ABA 2 will release?

Alita Battle Angel

After the great success, the cyber-punk film, Alita Battle Angel, inspired by the Japenese manga series, has disclosed the way for Alita Battle Angel 2. According to some reports, the film, based on the 1990s, has now been renewed for the sequel part. Also, the fans are eagerly waiting for part 2.

Alita Battle Angel is an American multi-cinema film. James Cameron produced this movie. Robert Rodriguez is the director. The film is adapted from Gunnm, a Japanese manga series by Yukito Kishiro. The first part of the movie initially debuted on January 31, 2019. And after that, it has been into the limelight since the first release.

Read further to know about the release date, cast, and exciting plot.

Release date of Alita Battle Angel 2:

No official confirmation has been made, whether Alita will coordinate with Disney or not. So, it is difficult to look at the release date of Alita Battle Angel 2 in the situation around us. However, there are some anticipations which suggest that part 2 will be released in the theaters in 2022, assuming that pandemic over till then.

Alita Battle Angel 2 cast

Since no declaration about the cast is out by the creators, along these lines, there is no information yet; that we can see the new faces additionally in the second part. We can look for the same cast members to return for their roles in the movie. They are:

  • Rosa Salazar playing the role of Alita
  • Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyon Ido
  • Ed Skrein as Japan
  • Mahershala as Vector
  • Keenan Johnson as Hugo
  • Jennifer Connelly as Chiren
  • Eiza Gonzalez as Nissan
  • Jennifer Connelly as Chiren

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Alita Battle Angel 2 will revolve around Rosa Salazar’s character, as she is the lead role, arriving at the City of Zalem and battling the principal villain. We can expect that the following part will show that Alita chooses to find about her past existence, to turn into a champ of this engine ball, and returns to the city of questions; for recognizing her genuine character. There is a limitation of information about the plot of the upcoming part, as the creators didn’t reveal much about it.

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