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Alita: Battle Angel 2 – Rodriguez spills the beans about the upcoming sci-fi!

One of the most famous cyberpunk-action film, Alita: Battle Angel, is soon coming up with its sequel, Alita: Battle Angel 2, produced by James Cameron. It has been directed by Robert Rodriguez and adapted from Gunnm, a Japanese manga series by Yukito Kishiro. The first part of the series was premiered on January 31, 2019, and has been into the limelight since then. It has been one of the highest-grossing films under Rodriguez’s direction that has acquired an average rating of 8.2 out of 10. After the blockbuster outcome, the makers are all set to come up with its sequel.

The story revolves around a battle cyborg, named Alita, who was rescued by a doctor whose name is Ido. He soon discovers that this cyborg has none other than the soul of a teenager. Later Alita sets out in the mission of finding out her true identity.

Is There An Expected Release Date For The Upcoming Sequel?

Nothing has been revealed regarding the release date of the upcoming second part of the science fiction. Alita: Battle Angel was first aired in the month of January of 2019, so one can expect the upcoming sequel to drop sometime in early 2021 or mid 2021. Although there are very few chances of the upcoming movie to release anytime soon because of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, earlier this year. All releases and the productions were put on hold since March 2020. According to some sources, the production of Alita: Battle Angel 2 is in process already, as it doesn’t require outside shooting or any physical labor. It is hoped that we will be able to catch a glimpse of the movie by summer of 2021.

Who Is Returning As The Cast?

In case of the cast, all the lead members would be returning in their respective roles. Undoubtedly Rosa Salazar shall be resuming her role as Alita in the lead along with all the other actors. There might be new faces in the upcoming action anime, which has not been confirmed by any of the official sources yet.

Is There Any Official Trailer Of The Sequel?

No trailer has been released by any of the official sources of the franchise. One can expect the official teaser to drop a month or two prior to the release of the upcoming movie. So until we get hold of further more updates, stay tuned, and if you haven’t yet watched the first part of the franchise, then do give it a watch. It is totally worth the shot!

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