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Aladdin 2: Release date, Cast and everything which you need to know!

Aladdin – an American animated fantasy movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Aladdin is a kind thief, proposes the Princess of Agrabah – Jasmine, by taking the help of Genie. When the grand vizier (Jafar) tries to seize the king, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie need to stop him from getting succeeded.

Currently, the film does not have any launch date officially. With the film in its early stages of progress, we will not get any kind of approved date until later this year. Though, with Disney known for declaring the launch dates in advance, we can gather something about it at D23 this year.

Though, Aladdin 2’s launch could drop around between 2023-2026. There is a possibility that it may fast-track the series based on how swiftly the project gets together. Additionally, Disney is also known for taking some years within sequels to action remakes. To conclude, it will probably take a while before we revert into a whole new world.




The cast probably remains the same as the previous one (Aladdin). Which includes –

Naomi Scott performs as Princess Jasmine.

Will Smith presents the role of Genie.

Navid Negahban as The Sultan.

Mena Massoud as Aladdin.

Marwan Kenzari as Jafar.

Let’s wait for further more updates regarding who will be added to this list.


The story is likely to create the original story from 1992. Nevertheless, Disney has posted that Andrea Berloff and John Gatins, Oscar-nominated critics. This combination is going to wrap up together for the very first time, and as of now, we have no idea regarding the plot details. Aladdin 2 won’t serve The Return of Jafar, but it is not like Jafar does not return.

It regards an orphan named Aladdin and his pet Abu. They live in a city named Agrabah. Princess Jasmine gets tired of her life being in the same palace. She decides to leave the palace & wants to travel the world with the help of Aladdin.

While traveling the palace, he finds a magical lamp that grants him a total of three wishes. Suddenly reclaiming the lamp, he uses his 1st wish to become the prince as he can marry the Princess. The saga proceeds with him trying to hide his true identity from all. But then, Jafar will steal the lamp and exposes the real identity of Aladdin.

Stay tuned for the latest news!!

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