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Al Hayba Season 4: What is the storyline of Al Hayba Season 4?

Al Hayba a very famous Syrian television program based during a village by the Lebanon-Syria border, where the top of a clan who smuggles arms contends with family conflicts, love that’s complicated, and struggles for the facility. Continue reading to know more about this amazing television series.

It’s about the constant struggle for power between two clans of Sheikh Al Jabal and Al-Said clan within the village of Al Hayba along side internal discord.

Production House of Al Hayba:

The show is produced by MBC ( Middle East Broadcasting Center) networks, and it had been first premiered within the month of MAY in 2017 and within the same month in 2018 and 2019. it’s said to be an Arab Ramadan series because it is released within the month of Ramadan.

Al Hayba may be a field positioned on the boundaries of Lebanon and Syria, where Jabal, who may be a young, strong man and his clan, controls the trading and bootlegging of arms at the borders. Jabal and his relations live a up to date lifestyle and sleep in modern ways, but their ways of handling the disputes within the clan are still traditional. They use authority and power to regulate the clan and do business.

After ten years, the family receives the news of their son Adel who fled to Canada 15 years ago due to vendetta. When he arrives back, he’s completely lifeless, amid his wife and one son, who is known as after the name of his powerful brother Jabal.

What is the storyline of Al Hayba:

Al Hayba is that the tale of a noble family whose intrigues and conflicts are reveled by a newcomer who may be a complete outsider initially but with the time becomes the important mainstay of the family. It’s about how between the quarrel and struggle for power and therefore the conflict of the wills where men dignity appears, and the way between the possible and impossible passion, the love which is blind and therefore the love which is honest the story of Alia and Jabal unfold.

When is Al Hayba Season 4 coming:

Al Hayba Season 4 are going to be released around May 2020. The show is releasing within the month of May per annum from the last three years, and perhaps this year also it are often released within the same month repeating the custom, but thanks to coronavirus pandemic, the discharge could also be delayed.

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