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Air Gear season 2: Is the anime returning to the screens?

Air Gear season 2

Some shows never leave our minds even after a long time. One such anime is the Air Gear. The series was first released in TV Tokyo on April 4, 2006. Since then fans have been anticipating over Air Gear season 2 but nothing has come until now. This, however, did not kill their hope, even after 14 years, we are expecting them to release a new season for the series. Hajime Kamegaki is the director of the show along with Nobuaki Suzuki and Takao Yoshizawa as the producers. Chiaki J. Konaka is the writer of the anime, he is known for his other series like Digimon, etc.

The anime concluded with 25 episodes and it still has potential for a new season. Air Gear season one was based on the first twelve volumes and the manga consists of a total of 37 volumes. However, the chances for Air Gear season 2 are less as its been a long gap and the first one failed to make much profit.

The storyline of the Air Gear

This anime adaptation by Toei Animation presented a very different plot about the sport of rollerblading. It shows the fight with motorized roller blades. Moreover, a new trend comes up among all the youths in his area known as “Air Treks”. Many groups are formed for this to participate in various events. When the protagonist who goes by the name Ikki is pulled into this world in an unexpected way. He is faced with struggles and successes. He also finds answers to questions about his past and the secret of his sisters. The unique plot had fascinated many and even after 14 years, they are expecting a new season of the show.

Other updates about Air Gear season 2

The show last aired 14 years back and there has been no announcement or updates regarding this. However, it’s better to keep your hopes low as even though everything is going right for the show, some shows still choose to discontinue and Air Gear is one such series.

The cast and characters include Kenta Kamakari and Christ Patton as Ikki, Mariya Ise and Luci Christian as Ringo, Masami Kikuchi as Onigiri, Kenichiro Ohashi as Kazuma and many others.


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