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After professor and Tokyo, Berlin aka Pedro Alonso also reveals his appearance in Money Heist 5 by sharing a pic

The gang is reuniting to film Money Heist 5. While we already knew that Professor and Tokyo have arrived, Berlin aka Pedro Alonso revealed that he would also be seen in La Casa de Papel 5 by sharing a photo with Helsinki actor.

The most popular and successful Spanish series Money Heist is all set for its fifth season. The Shooting for its upcoming and most anticipated season has been started, and the cast members have been reuniting to film the final season. Recently, our most beloved character of the series, Professor aka Álvaro Morte confirmed his appearance in the upcoming season of Spanish series through posting an adorable selfie from the set of the La Casa de Papel, and the renowned Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó who plays the role of “Tokyo” also disclosed that she was back on the sets of the La Casa de Papel. 

Now, Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin on the Spanish series, disclosed that he would appear in the Money Heist 5th and final season. 

The Spanish actor confirmed his appearance by posting a selfie on his Instagram account along with Darko Perić, who plays Helsinki on the series.

Pedro, who is also known for his role Diego Murquía in the historical drama series Gran Hotel posted his pictures with the caption which reads “The gang is coming.” 

Fans remember that after their escape from the Royal Mint in Spain, Berlin died defending the gang in the second season. The character, however, appeared in third season episodes from time to time with flashbacks. The image indicates that further flashbacks would also take effect in the final season.

Berlin was last witnessed kissing Palermo before he is leaving him via flashback Palermo. Since the character’s return has confirmed, viewers could get closure the wife of Berlin’s wife, who only existed during past seasons in the flashback sequence. According to the report, many fans believed that Alicia might be the pregnant wife of Berlin. 

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