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‘After Life’ season 3: Find all the details here!

The second season of ‘After Life’ released on April 24th, 2020.

If you haven’t watched the second season of ‘After Life’ already, then you are probably living under the rock. However, we do not blame you as it was quite a shocker when the team took the wraps off the second installment. They had released the new series without making a lot of noise and thus, it was easy for many to miss out on it. Only if you went manually searching for the series, would you come face-to-face with the latest series that Netflix added on April 24th, 2020.

Will there be an ‘After Life’ season 3?

While the plotline set out in the second season was quite impressive, it seems highly unlikely that a new season will come through in the next month or two. The chances of the series getting renewed are currently slim to none. Especially given the current Coronavirus situation that affects the world, it is next to impossible to come up with new content while also following restrictions. At the same time, it does not necessarily mean that the chances of a third season are completely out of the window.

Ricky Gervais signed for ‘After Life’ season 2 and 3

The second season was quite successful with the audience. It managed to beat two leading Netflix series namely ‘Too Hot to Handle’ and ‘Tiger King.’ Therefore, the chances of the series renewing for a new season are highly likely and there are no surprises to that. Adding fuel to the fire of rumors is the signing that the show’s producers made with Ricky Gervais. Netflix was able to strike the deal with Gervais in July, 2019. At the time, it had been confirmed that Gervais would be playing the role with them for two additional seasons, i.e. season 2 and season 3. Despite Gervais joking on certain occasions about the release dates and the possibility of a third season, fans were positive that their journey with ‘After Life’ will not end so soon.

What to expect in ‘After Life’ season 3?

To recall the events that took place in the second season, we know that Tony seems to have been recovering from loss on a daily basis. During this situation, he faces further a push and is next to completely defeated. At the same time, Matt is experiencing positivity as his love life seems to have come a long way to stability. It still remains to be known whether this stability will continue in the near future.

We will also be able to see how Tony is better able to cope with the loss of his father. There are chances that Tony’s relationship with Emma further blossoms.

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