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Adele’s glow up- Before and After looks, what diet did the singer follow?

The British singer started off her career at the age of just sixteen, who eventually gained the spotlight for her soulful sound with Rolling in the Deep, Hello, and Someone Like You melodies.

Adele’s glow up – Before and After 

The British singer-songwriter has peddled millions of albums worldwide and is the holder of a total of fifteen Grammys and an oscar.  

Adele has been subject to body shaming since the beginning. Even Adele considered such comments, especially during a talk show on radio, Adele spoke about the issue, stating that she does have body image problems but she does not let it rule her life.  

In this way, Adele had also enlightened many women, telling us that there is only one of you, so why would you want to look like everyone else.

Lately, during this pandemic, Adele had astonished not only her fans but also her adversaries after posting a birthday message as she enjoyed her thirty-second birthday. It was noticeable in the Instagram post that Adele had lost almost forty pounds. 

John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen was also stunned as Adele’s fans, who commented “I mean, are you kidding me.”

How did Adele turn herself into a new person? 

After Adele’s drastic weight loss transformation, people had started googling for her diet secret, and according to the reports, it was revealed that Adele had been following the Sirtfood Diet for the last four years, that is since 2016. 

Sirtfood diet is based on a book by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten and about improving the individual’s metabolism, which thereby assists in the weight loss procedure. Adele has also cut down on drinking and started consuming more real food.

Furthermore, her trainer Pete Geracimo is a fan of the Sirtfood diet. The diet encompasses nutrient-rich picks such as cocoa, kale, strawberries, and coffee, and claims that most of the foods under the Sirt food diet activate sirtuins, a kind of protein originating in plants. 

It was also disclosed that Adele used to exercise around three times a week, by doing sixty minutes sessions that include cardio, circuit training and pilates, and so on. 

Adele’s as a fresh individual in 2020?

As fans did not see much of Adele’s 2019 look, but in 2020, people got the opportunity to have at least a glimpse into her life when she started being active on social media and still sporting her iconic voluminous hair, winged liner, and love for incredible dresses except her chubbiness.

Recently, the singer also turned to the spotlight in the Saturday Night Live show, being a host.

We can tell that Adele really loved her new glow up as over the summer to till now in her LA home, the singer had been posting her pictures along with her son on various social media.

The thirty-two-year-old single had begun to share photos of her life more often this year 2020, amid announcements of her next album. Adele’s post comment section was full of chats about her weight loss transformation as well as her new album for 2020. 


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