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AD guard Mod Apkto protect you from annoying advertisements!

ad guard

Ad Guard Premium Mod Apk is a popular and preferred ad-blocking software delivered by Ad Guard SOFTWARE, a creator specializing in producing and promoting protection software for Windows and mobiles. The application has exceptional characteristics and encourages you to obstruct various advertisements when managing the smartphone without rooting your device. Now, with some actions, you can download, install and guard your mobile phone and stop those irritating ads. At the same time, the app boosts your phone to become more reliable, improves safety.


NAMEAd guard premium
MOD LINKhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adguard.android.contentblocker

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AD Guard Ad-blocker

Now, the usage of apps on smartphones is becoming a weakness of several people. Thankfulness to the availability of smartphones, people are becoming happy and comfortable but more vulnerable. People work in several apps there will surely be loads of ads to increase the benefits of the app makers. 

Additionally, these kinds of ill-disposed advertisements also include viruses that infect your smart device, even seizing private data. But we, living in contemporary times, cannot forget smartphones and devices. So the current critical dilemma is to defend yourself. I would suggest a fitting app that can hinder all advertisements without stopping too intensely with the smartphone’s operation.

What will Ad guard do ?


 Adguard will make you satisfied acknowledgments to great production but does not need too many items. The app is The world’s most High-level AD blocker.

However, it is still sturdy enough to prevent obstructing advertisements and separate them from the apps and web browsers. It guards your privacy and assists you in maintaining the apps already on your mobile phone. This app has exceptional congeniality with nearly all kinds of mobile phones now. Therefore, it will enable users to customize smoothly. You can also install it and apply it on both rooted and unrooted gadgets.

Salient features

  • Block ads wherever you view on your smartphone. From sports, apps, browsers to video and audio players, etc. You would not want to bother or fret about irritating pop-ups or banners.
  • Your private data is forever secret Adguard always appreciates this and will never lift your information. Adguard has authorized this on its homepage and website.
  • Many advertisements suggest that you will require to download several pictures. If you are working on a mobile data system, you will preserve a tremendous amount of traffic.
  • You will have absolute power over the app. So you can also utilize or switch off various similar sorts of advertisements according to the predefined filter.
  • In particular, Adguard Premium does not demand a rooted gadget. You can manage Adguard wherever you are without bothering about RAM, memory. The app is very manageable.

Best things about this adblocker


The application power controls commercials everywhere on your mobiles. And it suggests it can check everything by staying already in the system. You still often view videos on YouTube and are annoyed by advertisements and at the same time compete in games and surfing the website are irritating banners. Adguard will obstruct them all with dozens of robust filters that will be there in the system cryptogram. It also automatically refreshes to renew its data set. So be convinced that even the messages printed with the most authoritative code go through checking. Thanks to this, your commerce is significantly increased. It makes it feasible for you to surf the web quicker than you can see.

AdGuard is a different no root ad blocker for Android that eliminates advertisements in applications and web browsers, guards your privacy by managing your applications.

It is simple to set up this app and begin working with it. The application is efficient and highly customizable — it has everything you will ever require from an Android Adblock tool, and it operates both on rooted and unrooted gadgets.

Block advertisements on the web


This is the foremost purpose Adguard Premium has earned the support of millions of users around the earth. This app operates well on most Android gadgets. The method of preventing advertisements takes place easily, it does not spend too much of your supplies and does not influence production. Thanks to that, you can play games and surf the Internet conveniently without bothering about RAM and memory.

Currently, there is quite a lot of antivirus commercial blocking software on the business. However, it demands that your phone be rooted. Rooting your smartphone can prompt your phone to be traced, fix malicious files that are unsafe. But with Adguard Premium, you can manage it efficiently and conveniently without rooting the device.

Set up your whitelist


If you want the app does not operate on some sites? Pretty simple. You only require to join those sites to whitelist the app will unblock commercials from these websites.

Why choose Ad Guard?

  • Blocks advertisements everywhere

Obstruct the whole system. It includes video commercials and advertisements in your preferred applications, web browsers, games, and on any site. Dozens of commercial filters are available to you and are daily updated, ensuring the most suitable filtering quality.

  • Worries about your privacy

We value the secrecy of your data above anything else. With Ad Guard, you will be protected from virtual trackers and analytics systems that sneak on the web attempting to withdraw your sensitive data.

Saves your traffic

More advertisements blocked averages fewer advertisements placed. More scattered advertisements loaded means more traffic saved. Simple math by Ad Guard! Download the apk file, install the application and use your traffic on something you want rather than spending it on insatiable advertisements.

  • You stay in control

It is your gadget, after all, and you choose what gets separated and what does not. An extensive range of settings — from essential to an expert — as well as an Applications Manager tool will help you customize the filtering to your fondness.

Ad Guard for Android presents you with safe and compliant security. Ad Guard eliminates all the irritating advertisements from web pages and applications, prevents the loading of critical websites, and does not permit anyone to trace your movements on the Internet. AdGuard persists out against its analogs, as it can operate either in HTTP proxy or VPN mode.


  • What is the distinction between Ad Guard Content Blocker and Ad Guard for Android?

Content blockers are not in one place( and some) browsers are much less effective in terms of commercial combat tools they have at their disposition. Ad Guard for Android, being a standalone application, can check advertisements in all browsers and other applications. The filtering feature is so much higher.

  • Why is AdGuard for Android not in the Google Play Store?

Google has a strange system policy towards commercial blockers in Play Store. It suggests that any application that can prevent advertisements across the device is not there, transmitting flimsy content blockers as the single option. Ad Guard has been separated from the Play Store as well.

  • What is the disparity between free and Premium versions of Ad Guard for Android?

The free version is good at eliminating advertisements from browsers and does not filter other application traffic.

  • I can still see advertisements in some applications and on some websites. What do I have to do?

Most possible, you require to allow HTTPS filtering. Several advertisements are there via HTTPS, and Ad Guard is competent in hindering them, too. Go to Settings options–> HTTPS Filtering and switch it on. Another matter to do is to make sure you use the HD mode (Settings –> Advanced).

  • Do I need a root passage?

No, it is not mandatory. Unlike many other advertisement blockers, AdGuard can operate in VPN mode. And lets it check advertisements even on non-rooted tools.


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