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AD Guard blocks all necessary advertisements. Download the free version here!

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Ad guard Premium is a modern ad-blocking software released by AD GUARD SOFTWARE. It is a developer training in producing and improving protection software for Windows and smartphones. Certainly, with the advanced characteristics, this app encourages you to restrict several advertisements when using the smartphone without rooting your gadget. Moreover, with just a few necessary steps, you can download, install and defend your smartphone from the inconvenience of advertisement. At the same time, the app boosts your phone to become more reliable, improves safety.

Details of Ad Guard Premium

NAMEAd guard premium
GOOGLE PLAY LINKhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adguard.android.contentblocker



Now, we often waste a lot of time on phones. Some sites practice pop-up commercials, opens up more browser windows, and make you feel uneasy. On the other hand, some websites can remove the data and fix malicious code on your phone. Or sometimes, advertisements drive you absurd while playing games or using a picture-taking application. What is the answer? Use Adguard Premium, the most suitable ad-blocking software for Android. 

Block ads on the website using Ad guard

MOD LINK: https://dlandroid.com/adguard-apk/download/


It is the principal reason Ad guard Premium has earned the support of millions of users around the world. Above all, this app runs well on most Android gadgets. There is a method of preventing advertisements that takes place. Moreover, it does not waste too much of your support and does not influence performance. As a result, you can play games and surf the Internet conveniently without bothering about RAM and memory problems.

Currently, there are loads of antivirus and advertisement blocking software on the business. However, it claims that your device is rooted. Certainly, rooting your phone can obtain your phone be traced, established maliciously, and risky. Nonetheless, with Adguard Premium, you can work it efficiently and conveniently without rooting the phone.

Privacy protection using ad blocking

ad guard

Other than that, some software may operate in the backdrop and control all your movements. Certainly, this application can identify unusual activity and transfer it from your device. As a result, your gadget becomes more protected. So no more anxieties about information fraud or damage.

However, Ad guard may obstruct third-party cookies, protecting your IP address when you tour some international sites. Nonetheless, you can modify your profile and browse the website anonymously.

Currently, many sites want to accumulate user data. With specific modules, Adguard is competent in preventing any dubious action and preserving your data.

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