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Actor John Boyega gets immense love and support from other movie stars too

The most famous actor John Boyega who is known for his performance in Star Wars recently gave a passionate and inspiring speech in Hyde Park in London on “Black Lives Matter. After that, he has received massive support from his fans and Hollywood filmmakers for expressing his intense emotions against discrimination.

Since the time Boyega gave his powerful speech, it has become viral on social media.
In his Black Lives Matter speech, John Boyega said that he does not care whether he would not have a career in the mainstream entertainment industry anymore after expressing his opinions openly.

John Boyega’s powerful statement was greeted with a supportive response, as filmmakers found out that they were unwilling to wait for John Boyega to work with him.  After John Boyega’s Black Lives Matter speech in London, many filmmakers such as Jordan Peele, Matthew A. Cherry, and Rian Johnson have come in his support.

Not only these filmmakers came forward and gave a positive response to the actor, but many other renowned film directors such as Mike Flanagan, Cathy Yan, Edgar Wright, Peyton Reed, and Olivia Wilde have also come in support of the actor. Nearly every director who supported John Boyega said that it would be honored to work with such a great actor who openly expressed his intense emotions against discrimination, racialism and also encouraged the demonstrators who gathered at Hyde Park to protest peacefully against the brutal death of George Floyd. Apart from that, filmmakers wished him success and encouraged him for doing such a great deed and expressing himself to the best. It takes real guts to do so.

John Boyega is a citizen of the UK and yet supported the USA black lives matter movement. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to speak openly and support it. Boyega previously got slammed, but now everyone appreciates him for his work. His speech was a 5-minute speech that touched people nationwide. We all know that the death of George Floyd is not something to forget easily. We all are one and should be given equal respect to every human.

John Boyega said in his emotional speech that Black lives have been of relevance always and that they have always been important and have achieved success even after confronted many obstacles. Boyega also stated that it is important for people to know how tough it is for anyone to deal with daily memories of their ethnicity.

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