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Actor Denzel Washington helps a homeless man with cops

The renowned Hollywood star Denzel Washington is making headlines and getting admiration on social media. Since the video has been viral on the internet, social media has flooded with praises for Hollywood actor Denzel Washington. In the viral video, we can see that Denzel is mediating between police officers and a homeless man in West Hollywood. About a week ago, an American media outlet published the footage of Denzel Washington in which he is seen helping a homeless man.

According to the report, the two-time Academy Award-winning star saw the man in a hazardous situation in the oncoming traffic. He got off his vehicle instantly and carried the man to his sidewalk safely. Denzel Washington negotiated with them when the police appeared on the scene.

In the viral video, police are seen checking the man. ‘Training Day’ star gives him a glass of juice and a packet of food to the man. ‘Man on fire’ star also even gave him a mask to protect himself against COVID 19. How thoughtful of Denzel to do such actions in such a situation.

The officer at the scene stated that “We intervened, spoke with the individual and determined that he did not want to harm himself or others, and he was on his way, and Denzel left.” It is always a good initiative taken by the cops to help, and out of nowhere, Denzel too came along with such an amazing gesture towards the homeless man.
While the representative of Washington has still not spoken on this event, the actor’s good act has trended his name on Twitter.

This is a critical incident following an online video in which George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man from Minneapolis, died after he called for assistance from the cops. We all saw what happened with Floyd when a cop knelt down on Floyd’s neck. Sometimes even the police officers should also be very cautious of their ruthless actions. Floyd’s death began riots and protests as the video went viral. There were witnesses and officers who tell a different story altogether.

The Equalizer actor remained with the unnamed individual through the whole incident and was thanked by people on social media for his prompt, decisive intervention.
Denzel Washington starring the upcoming movie ‘The little things’ is expected to outline 2021. In the film, he will feature with the ‘Night at the Museum’ actor Rami Malek and the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ actor Jared Leto. And the Denzel Washington starring movie ‘The tragedy of Macbeth’ postponed due to lethal spread of COVID19, which was initially set to release on March 26, 2020.

We will see Michael B. Jordan as the lead in the Journal of Jordan based on the memoir of Dana Canedy.

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