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‘Accidental’ leak by Ice Universe gives insights about Galaxy Note 9

'Accidental' leak by Ice Universe gives insights about Galaxy Note 9

After series of leaks of yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the device has yet again scaled up the popularity with hundreds of headlines appearing in various websites and portal after an accidental photo leaked by Ice Universe was revealed on Twitter showing the first ever look of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As of now, Samsung has sent out invitations to attend its unpacked event scheduled on August 9 in Brooklyn, New York, where the Galaxy Note 9 will be officially shown to the world.

Ice Universe leaked a photo reportedly of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that appears as a full-page ad showing off the rear of the device along with its S Pen. Although people are really excited for the upcoming Note 9, its design has disappointed some people as it is similar to the predecessor Note 8. Samsung is sought to upgrade few specifications in Note 9 along with some incremental design upgrades. It will have the same flash, dual rear cameras, and a heart monitor similar to the predecessor Note 8, however, the fingerprint reader has been apparently moved towards a central position.

The leak apparently busted the rumors about screen-embedded fingerprint reader as it is suspected to be introduced with the Galaxy S10 scheduled to release next year. About the photo leaked by Ice Universe, it showcases Note 9’s speaker grille, an S Pen slot and a USB Type-C port. Unlike other manufacturers that are dropping the 3.5mm audio jack after Apple did the same last year but Samsung is apparently sticking to the audio jack which means, the consumers will be more happy to use a Note 9 compared to flagship devices from other smartphone manufacturer lacking the jack.

Although the specifications aren’t fully officiated Note 9 will sport a 6.4-inch display with a Snapdragon 845 processor and a 6GB/8RB RAM and the entire device will be powered by a 4,000mAh battery that provides it with a superb quality of battery life. One big question that arises with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is its price tag. Although Samsung could follow Apple’s footstep of introducing the latest high-end smartphones with a $999 starting price. However, a spokesperson alleged to have participated in Samsung’s team training towards the upcoming Note 9 stated that its price tag is around 990 euros or $960 US dollars after 20% reduction in tax.

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