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Absentia Season 4, will it renew or not? What are details?

Absentia Season 4

Absentia Season 4 – Amazon Prime Video special’s Absentia which has dropped 3 successful seasons, now is in the speculations for season 4 that whether it is coming on not

Absentia is a hybrid of a cable status drama and a standard-grade cop display. Initially evolved by way of Sony for its international AXN network, it aired on AXN in 2017, and now coming to the United States via Amazon Prime Video. Even though the plot and storyline of the show takes place in Boston, it’s shot in Bulgaria, making for vaguely otherworldly surroundings, adore it’s here but no longer here.

What is the focal point of this series, where does the plot revolve?

The plot focuses on “Emily Byrne” the lead played by Stana Katic, who vanishes without a trace while in her voyage to find one of the most dangerous serial killer of Boston, and after her disappearing and being out of everyone’s eyes for such long time she is presumed  and legally declared dead. However, after six years of solitude and being vanished she gets found in a remote cabin without any memory. After getting home she gets to know about his husband’s new marriage and her son also accepting his stepmother. She also gets involved in a new series of murders with high frequency in the town.

The show found an all-new and far bigger audience when Amazon Prime picked it up for worldwide distribution, and therefore the fanbase has only grown bigger over the last three seasons.

When you can watch Absentia Season 4?

Absentia looks up to far better chances as an Amazon original to get  a renewal heads up for a fourth season as long as Amazon Prime is relatively on the lower end on original projects, mysteries and thrillers, and as absentia fortunately happens to be a solid blend of all three genres. As the competition heats up, it is far easy for the team as the show gets pre-existing content and pre-built audience, which could make Absentia Season 4 a great success and win-win for everyone.

Absentia Season 3 was released in July this year, then after that there has been no smell  in the air for Season 4.Big streaming platforms like Amazon Prime are Very secretive and withholding about new projects and the watching eyes they get, and as we know Amazon barely hand out any of the ratings for any of their originals let alone The Boys, so it might be a while yet before we  get something about Absentia Season 4 whether its is coming back or not and if yes then when.

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