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Absence of joker in suicide sqad sequel: A favourable move or missed opprtunity ?

Joker has been portrayed in various DC movies but the interesting fact is that it is not a character of the task force. The Joker version of the Suicide Squad movie was a real attention gainer. The Suicide Squad of David Ayer brought a new version of Joker to the audience.

But due to some reasons, the character of Joker has been put to hold by the DCEU. The Joker of the Suicide Squad, on the other hand, will not be starred in the upcoming sequel. The sequel titled, “The Suicide Squad” by James Gunn will not be including Jared Leto.

Due to the underperformance of Justice League (2017) Warner Brothers will be making some changes in DCEU. Some characters will continue to work like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam. Some others will be replaced like Batman will now be played by Robert Pattinson.

DCUE is moving away from Leto’s version of Joker with ‘Birds of Prey’ which is a story of Harley Quinn after her breakup with Joker. In this story, she proves that she doesn’t need him by her side. The main reason behind Joker’s removal is that he has never been a part of the Task Force. But what they fail to see is that they are missing an opportunity.

In reality, the superhero movies that are based on comic books, make big changes to the main source material. By making Joker a part of Task Force X they can attract a huge audience. They can fill the gaps and answer the questions left in the first part.

There is a big question mark to the fate of the ‘Joker Story’ after the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. They can take advantage of such a situation and bend the story their own way.

Suicide Squad’s Joker and how’s he different

The version of Joker that is portrayed in the Suicide Squad is quite different from the earlier version of the Joker. Apart from the iconic green coloured hair and white bleached skin nothing was similar. Joker of Suicide Squad was portrayed in a supporting role rather than a leading antagonist like earlier versions.

The Joker in this movie really loved and cared about Harley Quinn. He did not have the maniacal makeup smile on his face instead he had that on his hand. He has tattoos all over his body. Joker of Suicide Squad  his own Jokermobile. Its been shown that Joker has killed Robin which has never been shown in any of the movies.

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