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A standalone Thanos movie would shape MCU’s Phase 4

Out of all the 23 films, yes Marvel Cinematic Universe alone has 23 films in the bags, Endgame is the best movie of all time. However, there is one more movie which did shape the future of the MCU, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But no film in the MCU can be as high as the end of Avengers’ saga. 

According to some of the experts in the movie industry, Endgame has a profitable production value. The Endgame is the first movie of its kind where a hero’s last resort was to sacrifice himself to save countless universes. Other than the sacrifices of many characters in the MCU, there is one character that the fans cannot forget. And no, this character is not a hero; he is a mad titan Thanos.

The world deserves an evil person like Thanos

The younger version of Thanos in Endgame is a space brute who stops at nothing. Just because the Thanos in the Endgame was from the past, he has single-minded. Moreover, the young Thanos is not as compassionate as the older version. Now, people can spoil “The Endgame” as much as they desire, as people are aware of EDITH.

During the events of the Infinity War, Thanos did manage to wipe half of the population of the universe without a second thought. Among several popular comics such as Dark Horse, Vertigo, DC, and Marvel, Thanos is said to be one of the brutal yet the most iconic villains.

Future of Thanos in the MCU

Thanos’ future or past in the MCU isn’t clear. The big evil villain had a little bit of appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, during the finale of MCU’s Avengers, Thanos had a massive and influential presence.

It would be great for the fans who are not familiar with Thanos to take a peek at his past life. There is a need to make Thanos’ standalone movie to know what drives Thanos to wipe off life from the universe.

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