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Disheartening news for the OA Fans: The OA season 3 will not be revived

The OA is an extraordinary season with a different approach that has hugely exhilarated its viewers by its deluded performance. Since the first two seasons of this fascinated series were launched, the viewers are looking forward to its next season. The first two seasons of this series have indelibly impressed the viewers with the most astonishing science-fiction, fantasy, and mystery angles.

The OA series has received immense regard from the audience and gained much appreciation for its tremendous presentation. Besides this, few people remarked it as one of the most engrossing Sci-fi/drama series on Netflix.

Netflix first launched this most fabulous American thriller and mystery drama on 16th December of 2016. Since it has been launched, it gained major admiration from audiences.
This interesting story of O.A. is focused on a woman who reappears seven years after she has been missing. After coming back, this girl, who was initially called Praire, is called O.A. The movie title is based on her as she has been termed as “Original Angel.” Before she went missing, she had marks on her back and was blind.

Season 2 of the series tells us that Prairie is heading in the wrong direction and finishes her San Francisco journey. This refers to the girl who was missing in the mysterious past and puzzle game.

The show’s plot is not complete, so many are expecting the 3rd season of this American thriller and mystery drama O.A. And after releasing the two seasons, viewers are waiting with anticipation for its next season.

Unfortunately, bad news came from Netflix; It was revealed that the O.A. show with season 2 has put to stop. However, they would wish to work with the creators in their upcoming projects.

Apart from this, The most beautiful American actress Brit Marling also posted a message related to the OA season 3. She addressed her favs by informing them sadly, the show will end in this way and that they are not able to complete their story.
And it was quite distressing for the fans of the series. Most of them are very disappointed by Netflix’s decision.


It is very distressing for fans who have been eagerly waiting for its OA Season 3 for long. Recently, Netflix confirmed that The OA Season 3 would not be made and also added that Interested audiences are just going to have to watch the initial two fascinating seasons but are not answering their questions.



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