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A Guide To Rust: How To Survive Your First Day

Surviving through your first day in Rust ain’t no joke. Rust is an unforgiving survival game with a brutal PvP attitude, further making its landscape no picnic for beginners. Also, maneuvering your way through your first stages in Rust without the right information can be frustrating as hell.

So, in this article, we will be giving you tips that will serve as your ultimate guide through Rust’s landscape. Also, note that you will need some of the Best Rust Hacks to survive through the hurdles.

A beginner’s guide to Rust

  • Gird up

An obvious introduction to the harsh situations you will experience in Rust comes when you spawn naked into the game. With the characteristic cold in the environment, you may suffer from hypothermia, killing you. So you must cover yourself first once you spawn into the map.

Luckily, players can kill animals and use their skin for clothing. Better still, they can use hemp fibers to create clothing. Whichever of the options you choose, just make sure you have some clothes on to protect you from the weather.

  • Keep your body nourished

After getting some clothes on, your next priority should be to gather food items across the landscape. Unfortunately, starvation can kill you before you even get a chance to fight your first enemy. Thankfully, you can gather berries and nuts if you are yet to craft any weapons.

You may also find chickens that are easy to kill without any weapons; catch and kill them. Importantly, don’t eat raw meat; make a fire and get them cooked. Also, you should avoid making fires at night since they may just attract unwelcome parties- you don’t have what is required for a fight yet.

  • Craft your tools

Not surprising, though, is the fact that you spawn into Rust with just a rock and a torch. Luckily, these are the two basic items you need for the first night. The torch is meant to provide you with light, while the rock will be used to break stones, cut trees for wood, and fight zombies.

These processes are important since the wood and broken stones will be used to craft your first weapons. A pickaxe or stone hatchet are common tools these can produce. They will be of immense use when you finally start building your base.

  • Keep a safe distance.

You may have a safer, smoother experience on your first day if you avoid other players. This is important since they may be more equipped than you and might easily overpower you. Once players spawn into the game, they run blindly to locations with the best items to add to their inventory.

You need those supplies too, but you should avoid them since such locations will be hotspots that might endanger you. Instead, slowly gather items from less-crowded places until you have crafted enough weapons against any hostiles.

Also, don’t fight if you run into bandits, it may cost your life- especially because they aren’t after killing you. They may end up taking your items, but it’s better than taking your life.

  • Build your home

The next concern comes when you need a place to keep your precious loots and also hide from zombies. This makes it necessary to build your base as soon as you have gathered enough stones and woods. When finding a good spot for your base, you should go for locations far from other players.

Moreover, don’t set up a base in the desert or a snowy environment since they adversely affect your health. Instead, we recommend that you find a good spot somewhere in the forest. Preferably where you can easily access water and other essential resources without excessive exposure to enemies.


Rust is a survival game that features so much fun and thrill. However, you have to survive through your first day or night if you want to chill with the big boys. Unfortunately, almost everything in Rust is interested in taking your life. Ranging from big visible zombies to unseen forces like hypothermia.

Luckily, this article contains just the right information to help you to survive through your first day in Rust. Just take your time to understand the requirements. Then you can enjoy a safe passage through Rust’s most dangerous place- your first day.

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