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A computer virus cripples Apple’s chip-maker TSMC knocking off its shipment targets

A computer virus cripples Apple's chip-maker TSMC knocking off its shipment targets

A computer virus crippled Apple’s major chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). The facility got infected with a computer virus on Friday after which, the production of chips was disrupted. TMSU had to work out the solution to fix the virus which took all the weekend. The officials at the facility were able to successful uproot the virus as well as kickstart 80 percent of the fabrication tools on Sunday afternoon. Further, the facility stated that it will restore to its total capability by Monday but the damage has already been done costing millions if not billions in damage.

According to the statement released by TSMC, the computer virus actually crippled the facility’s chip-making ramps for Apple’s upcoming iPhone models. The facility has warned its customers about the delay in shipment although which customers were affected by the virus is under wraps.

TSMC elaborated that the virus infected its systems after a “misoperation” occurred during installing software for a new tool. The virus affected the new tool and later, when it was connected to the TSMC’ computer network, it quickly spread across all the fabrication tools affecting and disrupting its functions but the facility has assured that no data loss has been reported.

The chipmaker forecasted a dip in its third-quarter revenue where the virus affected its revenue by 3 percent and its operating margins by one percent. TMSC shares in Taipei declined by one percent as on Monday. The virus caused delays in chip making for Apple and other customers such as Qualcomm, Nvidia, etc. However, TSMC is confident that it will make up for the delay in the meantime.

It is not the first time a virus brought down TSMC facility, however, it is indeed the first when the virus caused such a blunder that manufacturing lines were closed causing a delay in shipment. Back in 2017, a ransomware called ‘WannaCry’ affected TSMC facility as well as other corporations, although the virus was rooted while the operations were temporarily suspended.

Per an estimated drawn by World Economic Forum, cyber attacks could cause a damage of upwards of $8 trillion USD in next five years. Further, C.C. Wei, a chief executive officer at although the virus affected the operations and revenue, TSMC’ sales will increase this year citing the launch of three new iPhone models which will be in high demand, however, it will be lower than the originally projected rise in the sale by 10 percent.

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