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A complete guide to start snap chatting

Are you a Snapchat beginner? Want to learn snap chatting? we bring to you the tit-bits of Snapchat today. Users of Snapchat have been confused since the first launch of this app back in July 2011. However, Snapchat is admired for its impressive privacy protection protocol.

What can you do with snapchat?

The app allows users to click pictures, create videos, and edit them with its extensive set of filters, giving some cute realistic features to the picture. It also helps to create ‘fast forward’ or ‘slow-mo a video’ recording on the app.

Besides, Snapchat comes with incredible scope for users to chat, connect, and communicate. There are even short forms and slangs designed to help users chat on Snapchat; which are short, precise and helps in faster chatting and replies. This also gives the users the advantage to text and send an image at the same time. Slangs like OML, AMA, IMHO are common words in snap chat. Let us know what does it mean?

What Does AMA mean on Snapchat?

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” This slang is a very famous sed slang used in today’s internet time. People send Snaps and text messages with “AMA” in it to assure one or more people that they can ask them questions. People generally use this AMA to start conversing with friends and in this way, networks grow.

What does OML mean on Snapchat?

OML in Snapchat text slang stands for “Oh My Lord.” This slang is generally used to indicate someone who is shocked or surprised looking at certain content.OML is used as a substitute for  OMG or OMFG; which can be heard so frequently these days.

What Does IMHO mean on Snapchat?

IMHO means “In My Humble Opinion” on Snapchat. While sending this slang a person is trying to share their opinions and thoughts with the other person. It is used to convey that you are not trying to bring someone’s emotions, opinion, or belief down and you are just sharing what you feel.

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