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A brief about Disney Frozen 2 and the original voices behind the characters

Disney Frozen 2 featured several actors who were also a part of Frozen. The characters had an updated look, and they are not as much aged as their real-life counterpart. In November 2019, part 2 was released. There was 6 years gap between the two parts.

In the Kingdom of Arendelle, not many changes happened after Elsa became queen of the land. The storyline is set just 3 years after the events of part 1. Part 1 was a hit among the audience. Initially, the makers did not plan for any sequel but the popularity was such that they came up with part 2. Both the part has a different storyline. One thing that was kept common was that the movie focus on the same core characters. The movie had exciting musical numbers.

Some new characters were seen in part 2. The indigenous population, the Northuldra was introduced in this part who lived nearby Enchanted Forest. But none of the characters had a significant role in the storyline.

Overview of Frozen 2

An American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy movie which released in 2019. The movie is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studio. It is the sequel of the movie Frozen which released in 2013. Directors include Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

The king of Arendelle narrates a story to his young daughter.  The story is about their grandfather who had a treaty with the neighboring tribe of Northuldra. He builds a dam in their homeland. The later fight happens and their grandfather gets killed and enraging the elemental spirit of the earth, fire, air, and water of the forest.

Voices of Frozen 2

  • Princess Anna voiced by Kristen Bell.
  • Queen Elsa voiced by Idina Menzel.
  • Olaf voiced by Josh Gad.
  • Kristoff voiced by Jonathan Groff
  • Jonathan Groff voiced by Sterling K. Brown
  • Queen Iduna voiced by Evan Rachel Wood
  • King Agnarr voiced by Alfred Molina
  • Yelana voiced by Martha Plimpton
  • Ryder Nattura voiced by Jason Ritter
  • Honeymaren voiced by Rachel Matthews
  • King Runeard voiced by Jeremy Sisto
  • Pabbie voiced by Ciarán Hinds
  • Young Anna voiced by Hadley Gannaway
  • Young Elsa voiced by Mattea Conforti

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