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What are the GTA 5 famous cheat codes ?

GTA ( Grand Theft Auto) is one of the most played video games in the world.

It has a massive response till now. It is one of the few games where the cheat codes still

exist. GTA 5 continues to be one of the most popular video games currently. In this on

going coronavirus pandemic the forced lockdown has resulted in a massive boom in the

gaming industry according to the various media reports. so, here are some of the famous

GTA 5 cheats for the massive GTA fans. In GTA 5 cheat code works in a single-player mode

but it might more or less break the game. If you are getting to more spice up the Los

Santos adventure, then GTA 5 ‘s extensive cheat options will help you torain chaos and

destruction, and  Then the force of cops look another way. Or if the cops look directly at you,

you need not care because you are unbeatable and can make your own cars and guns. you

can do a lot more, at this point. Some of the famous cheat codes used in PC are:

  • Drunk mode – LIQUOR
  • Fast run- CATCHME
  • Fast swim – GOTGILLS
  • Recharge ability- POWERUP
  • Sky fall – SKYFALL
  • Super jump – HOPTOIT
  • Explosive ammo rounds- HIGHEX
  • Flaming bullets – INCENDIARY
  • Raise wanted level – FUGITIVE
  • God mode- PAINKILLER
  • Slow motion aim – DEADEYE
  • Parachute – SKYDIVE
  • Weapons/ guns- TOOLUP
  • Director mode – JRTALENT
  • Moon gravity – FLOATER
  • Spawn Armed chopper – BUZZOFF
  • Spawn Stunt plane – BARNSTORM
  • Spawn Duster plane – FLYSPRAY
  • Spawn Sanchez – OFFROAD
  • Spawn PCJ-600 – ROCKET
  • Spawn Garbage truck – TRASHED
  • Spawn Comet – COMET
  • Spawn Rapid GT – RAPIDGT
  • Spawn Limousine – VINEWOOD
  • Spawn Caddy – HOLEIN1
  • Spawn BMX – BANDIT
  • Change weather – MAKEITRAIN
  • Change gravity – FLOATER
  • Reduce friction – SNOWDAY


Using cheat code on PC :

First enter the cheat in GTA 5 on PC using the game console . the just press the tidle key (~ ) on the

keyboard to bring up a console, where you can enter these cheats.

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