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90’s Cartoon: Which are the top 90’s cartoon which made our childhood?

90's Cartoon

It is hard to think in 1999 that is 20 years ago, we wandered around all-time 90’s Cartoon hits. Time is flying, and while the 90s look just some years behind us, not two decades does do a good job of reflecting the intense feeling of remorse that comes up each time we think of the decade that brought us baby tees and scrunchies.

As we gaze back on that decade, we can not only cherish the fun fashion, the mall culture, and the boy bands. But also get to celebrate some of our favorite TV shows and films.

The last of our favorite 90s films like Notting Hill, She’s All That, and Never Been Kissed celebrates their 20th anniversaries this year, which means we are officially old. It also means that Julia Roberts likely sold her soul to the devil because she looks the same, but that is for another time.

While we grieve the lack of our youth, we can celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite cartoons. There’s nothing that recollects back our memory of a childhood well-spent more than a cartoon we loved to watch when we were children. Whether we got up early on Sunday morning with a bowl of cereal to view episodes of Rescue Rangers or Power Rangers snuck an episode of South Park when our parents were not at home, the 90s’ cartoon are extremely timeless!

Here are the top all-time favorite cartoon/cartoon of our childhood


Our fluffy buddy, Scooby-Doo plausibly needs no introduction, the name speaks for itself. The first detective gang which we fell in love with.


“Main chaahun, main chaahun dil se main ye chaahun, dragons ke saath ud kar door desh Chala/Chali jaaun.”

Can we ever forget this songline, these pack of dragons always made us smile.

Tom and Jerry Cartoon

This one comes in the class of evergreen, immensely hit show of that time, we can never get bored of this chase between Tom and Jerry no matter how old we grow.

Richie Rich

We all wanted to be rich like Richie Rich, didn’t we? This splendidly rich kid and his dog Dollar managed to grab kids’ attention every single time.

Powerpuff Girls

The first animated show on feminism, which allowed us to see the supergirl within ourselves, inspired us, and what’s more, even today they happen to be our favorite girl gang.


Animated series for generations to remember. where has it not left a mark, we had video games, android games, it is still our all-time favorite.


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