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50-pound ovarian cyst found to be the cause of unexplained health problems in Alabama woman

In the aftermath of experiencing a diverse range of unexplained health issues, a woman in Alabama has discovered the prime culprit finally. The trouble causing agent was found to be an ovarian cyst weighing approximately 50 pounds. According to the WSFA, doctors were able to remove the benign growth which was diagnosed to be mucinous cystadenoma, in May.

The woman, named as Kayla Rahn stated in an interview to the Alabama local news station that she was not even able to walk to her car without shortness of breath. She also stated that for many months prior to the surgery she was experiencing many health problems such as weight gain, stomach issues and pain.

In the initial days, the doctors recommended her to lose weight. Rahn stated that despite her many efforts, her weight continued to increase. She also went on to say that the experience was frustrating albeit with a touch of humor as she said that her appearance was similar to that of a solid 9 month pregnant woman. In her statement to WSFA, she informed that she was asked by another diner at a restaurant whether she is going to have twins.

Upon finding that the discomfort was unbearable, Rahn visited the emergency room at Jackson Hospitals. Here she was subjected to multiple tests that helped the doctors in finding out the large benign growth. According to the statement of Dr. Gregory Jones to the WSFA, the cyst was one of the largest seen or nonetheless removed by him. He also expressed excitement over the favorable proceedings in the case of Kayla Rahn.

Rahn did not fall short of expressing her excitement over figuring out what was exactly happening with her and getting the added opportunity of being able to wear all of her clothes in the closet. With a chuckle, Rahn said that she hasn’t been able to wear a particular dress for almost a year. Furthermore, Rahn urged others to come forward and speak up with their doctors in event of an unexplained health condition alongside maintaining strong advocacy for themselves.

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