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5 Ways Tech is Simplifying Business Travel

When it comes to your business trips, you can never be too organized. If you are late to arrive or forget to pack important documents, those hiccups can reflect badly on you and negatively impact your career. To make your next business trip easier, try a few of these tech-savvy tips.

  1. Luggage Trackers

When you fly to your next meeting or corporate retreat, save yourself the agony of worrying whether the airline might lose your bags, by using smart luggage trackers. They use GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or mobile networks to track your luggage.

Depending on which of those technologies your tracker uses, it will operate slightly differently. But what they all share is the ability to locate your luggage in the baggage carousel when used in combination with a tracker specific app.

  1. Predictive Wait Times

Queue management is getting advanced as new technological systems use existing CCTV systems in airports to measure and predict wait times. The tech counts how many passengers are in an image and then calculates waiting times in security checkpoints and other areas within the airport.

This type of tech helps airport travelers determine how long they will likely have to wait in a queue within the terminal, such as check-in zones and passport control. Knowing this info can help you determine how much time you need to allow before boarding, so you don’t miss the flight or need to race to catch it.

  1. Reserve Parking in Advance

Once you book your flight out of Seattle Tacoma (SEATAC) International Airport, you will start to prepare for the travel day. Rather than plan to get to the terminal hours ahead of time to find a place to park within a busy lot, reserve a spot well in advance.

Simply book online to get Seattle Airport Parking in one of the parking lots close to SEATAC. Easily fill out the reservation details and print the receipt to present it to the parking lot on your day of travel. Think of the time and stress you’ve saved by not driving around lots looking for a spot.

  1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

During the flight, you might need to rest up before a long workday ahead, especially if you will be traveling across different time zones. Rather than simply hoping for a quiet experience, pack noise-canceling headphones in your carry-on bag.

Choose a pair that have good reviews online for effectively keeping out sounds; you can then drown out loud talkers, crying babies, and the hum of the airplane when putting them on. If it’s a long flight, opt for ones that also get top marks from users for being comfortable to wear for an extended time.

  1. Digital Assistants

Just as you might have an assistant in real life (or want one), now you can use a digital assistant to help you organize the business trip. The special software performs a range of tasks, typically based on your voice commands.

Simply ask the gadget to book a flight for you, and they will find the phone number you need to do so, for example. Easily connect the digital assistant to your smartphone to make plans on the go.

Traveling with Tech

The latest technology is making travel for businesspeople significantly easier. It is well worth the investment for the ease it provides for you.

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