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5 Best Web Browsers for Android In 2018

Basically, a web browser is a software that enables users to access the internet via this app. Now, if you are an old Android user, you already know that firstly, there were two built-in browsers in older models of smartphones i.e. the Google Chrome which is a proprietary app from Google installed in all Android devices and another was the built-in browser from the manufacturer but Google has switched it after being summoned as the default app on all Android smartphones now.

Google Chrome wasn’t the same like it is today, it was restrictive, slow, and lack many functionalities that forced users to choose a third-party web browser and there is a hoard of web browsers available on Google Play Store that would extend the functionality of browsing on the internet to the next level. Thus, here comes the 5 best web browsers for Android in 2018 that you must try.

5 Best Web Browsers for Android In 2018?

Google Chrome

5 Best Web Browsers for Android In 2018

You saw that coming, ain’t you? Google Chrome has come a long way for a slow and stubborn processing web browser to a fast and now reliable web browsing experience. It comes pre-installed with all Android smartphones as it is a part of Google’ proprietary. It supports a larger number of tabs without lagging a bit and there’s a new window for incognito mode. The app has a built-in data saving feature that saves tons of data without further ado. The app is HTML5 supported and is synced with desktop and in fact, it is synced with all the devices that you use with the same Gmail address that allows you to access any website or portal from any device hassle-free. You can check out our review on Google Chrome here and you can download it from the Play Store right here!

UC Browser

5 Best Web Browsers for Android In 2018

UC Browser is a personal favorite since it has a booster mode when downloading items off the internet. It adds data saving feature and boosts downloading speed by at least 10 percent. Also, there is a pause and resume downloading feature. It can add 10 tabs at once go including incognito mode since there’s no ‘unlimited’ tabs option. The app has an ad-block function which works efficiently and yes, you can block an element or whitelist a website if you want.

The browser is light-weight bearing only a few megabytes of data to download and has night mode with adjustable brightness settings, Facebook mode, cricket mode, and a slew of useful apps that it suggests when needed. UC Browser is a cross-platform web browser ranging from Blackberry OS, iOS, Android, Windows phone, Symbian, Microsoft Windows OS and more. TeCake reviewed the UC Browser and you can read it right here!!!

Brave Browser

5 Best Web Browsers for Android In 2018

Android Authority rated the Brave Browser as the first preference when you are searching for best web browsers for Android in 2018. It has a stringent ad-blocking feature that blocks ads far too strictly. It has HTTPS upgrades, block scripts, and third-party cookies that add a layer of security. The browser practices stringent privacy control using its secured incognito mode. It supports multi tabs both normal and incognito while boosting battery life which is something people try to save while surfing the web. Download Brave Browser on Google Play Store, meanwhile read the full review here.

Opera Mini

5 Best Web Browsers for Android In 2018

Another most used web browser on Android smartphones after Google Chrome and UC Browser, Opera Mini is a light-weight app browser that works on both Android and iOS smartphones. The app has data saving feature that throttles the data being consumed that allows faster processing and browsing while munching a little less data than usual but since it’s data compression algorithm works so phenomenally, it can save as well as half the data.

You can open a number of tabs both normal and incognito mode while the intuitive and super easy interface enables even the newbies to check out what’s happening across the globe. It has an ad-blocking feature as well that checks off all the ads and pop up windows that are too annoying while browsing on the web. It has a list of speed dials that give you an edge over to switch to Facebook in just a single tap on the Facebook icon and there’s more to discuss it. You can check out the review for Opera Mini that we did here. Here’s where you can download the Opera Mini on your Android smartphone.

Puffin Browser

A cross-platform web browser, Puffin web browser is an excellent app with cloud protection. It connects the user with the cloud that allows downloading bigger files and intensive websites to load with less bandwidth since the results are routed via the cloud and thus, saves a lot of data. It displays flash content, it can open multiple tabs at once with speed dial on the homepage that allows faster access.

Puffin Browser has a feature that emulates trackpad and even a mouse cursor which makes the smartphone look and work like a computer. Also, it has an on-screen keyboard feature and doesn’t forget, it has an effective pop-up and ads blocker. It delivers a higher processing and downloading speed because of which, it has been considered one of the best browser if you download too much content or work on websites which are heavy-weight or graphics intensive. Well, we did a review on Puffin Browser so that you can read as a second opinion before giving it a try. Check out the app on the Play Store for now.

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