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4 Ways to Start an SEO Agency without Getting Overwhelmed

4 Ways to Start an SEO Agency without Getting Overwhelmed

When starting an SEO agency, there are many things to consider, arrange, and configure. It’s very different than a programmer setting up a web studio where their coding abilities are more easily demonstrated.

Results for search engine optimisation (SEO) take far longer to become evident, which is something that people starting out must consider.

Here are four ways to start an SEO agency while keeping your anxiety levels down.

Use Private Projects to Demonstrate Your Abilities

It can take upwards of a year to start seeing meaningful results from SEO when beginning from a new website. This leaves a gaping hole when it comes to client portfolios and proven results, which can hold back people from signing up for your service. The more you think about this, the greater a problem it will become.

Find a workaround by creating personal projects ahead of founding the agency. This can be done while working full-time for an employer where waiting 6-12 months for results is not a concern.

Look for Companies with Sites Needing an SEO Audit

With an SEO audit, the idea is to take an existing website with the current state of their on-page and off-page SEO and review it. The process is designed for people who are detailed oriented and can spot mistakes in setup, configuration or approach to search engine optimisation.

Fixing serious on-page issues on a site can result in a quick improvement in search rankings. This not only helps the company concerned but it also provides an excellent example to sell the service to other prospective clients too.

Don’t Get Overloaded with Software Solutions

There are many different software packages and SaaS solutions that technology companies want to sell you. Certainly, this is true with SEO as well.

The software packages that do make sense are ones like Screaming Frog for crawling and auditing a site, Ahrefs to view the backlinks pointing at the site (as well as those of competitors) and a rank checker. With rank checkers, there are free tools and premium ones, depending on how many keywords you’re looking to track simultaneously.

Have a Solid Financial Foundation First

Think about how you and your business will survive in the first few months. Aiming to start the business and draw a salary from it in month one isn’t realistic. Most businesses, even ones based around SEO services, take time to find clients, get the work done, and be paid. And the first client is always the hardest to convince as no one wants to take the risk on someone new.

Determine how you’ll cover the business expenses and your living expenses too. Taking out short term loans is useful when you’re still in employment, as this extra money can bolster your cash balances. This can help get you started and avoid being too nervous about the risk you’re taking going solo.

Starting a technical business involving SEO requires a technically minded person. If you’re that type, then you’re well on your way. Just plan it right before you start.

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